Sunday, January 22, 2012

Perry Miniatures - Sudan British High Command

The British High Command from Perry Miniatures is one of my latest additions to my Sudan collection. The figures have been painted by Leroy Simpson and I have only just finished basing this afternoon. We are planning a massive Sudan game on Australia Day at my house so if anyone in the area wants to drop by and have a look please drop me a are sure not to be disappointed. So please enjoy Leroy's great painting.

Graham and Wolseley

Wolseley C & C for the the 1884/85 campaigns.

General Graham commander of the Suakin area of operations

Stewart - commander of the cavalry brigade in the 1884 Suakin campaign and commander of the Camel Corps late 1884.


BigRedBat said...

Lovely! Bags of character.

Rodger said...

Stunning Vinnie. Beautiful paintwork on these chaps.

Jason said...

Fabulous and quite inspirational.