Friday, January 27, 2012

Trouble in the Sudan 1883

Yesterday I got a few of my old Townsville gamer buddies over for a good dusting in the Sudan and to introduce them to the Fortune & Glory rule set. Peter, Steve and Leroy played the Mahdi forces and John and Terry on the Egyptian side. The scenario was for the Egyptian forces to protect a supply column from the main town out to a small besieged village, which was a short distance from the outskirts of town. However there were also numerous hostile factions hiding out in the rough ground and think scrub who would also like to supplies and a few "Turk" heads.

The battlefield for the day's gaming. Fairly open, the village to be supplied is pictured at the bottom centre of the image, held by a company of Egyptian troops.

Looking out of the towns defenses Egyptian troops prepare to move forward in support of the supply convoy.

The supply convoy is ready and moves out.

Troops move out in support

Lurking Mahdi also move forward

With the convoy moving closer the Mahdi increase their attacks on the village and the besieged Egyptian troops.

By the next turn, with increasing attacks from all sides the Egyptian troops are forced to abandon the village and start to fall back to the main town.

With further re-supply useless the Egyptians halt to ponder their next move.

Mean while on the other flank the Mahdi gather troops and charge forward with cavalry and camels onto the supporting Egyptian Line companies.

Hicks sees the movements of the enemy and deploys his troops.

Two large troops of Mahdi cavalry surge forward onto the awaiting Egyptians

Both companies stand firm and receive the charge, shooting the camels down and pushing back the cavalry. However they to take a number of causalities, so it was not all one sided.

However back on the main battle ground things are not looking good for the Government forces. All units are attacked from all sides in a well plan attack by the Mahdi commanders.

The supply column is attacked and falls to the enemy.

The only thing left for Barker Pasha is to withdraw the remaining troops back to safety of the town walls.

Repeated attacks are repulsed but in the end only a few remaining troops make it back to the town and safety. Now they are the besieged.......

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Perry Miniatures - Sudan Kneeling camels with Camel Corps Sentry

And finally my last post for Sudan gamer would be serious unless they had a few kneeling camels on the table top....well now I have gotten very serious with these beauties which have again been painted by Leroy Simpson and based up by me. So please enjoy

Perry Miniatures - Sudan Mounted Egyptian European Command

Another three beautifully painted figures I have just finished basing up from Leroy. The are again from that great Perry Miniatures Sudan range and represent Baker Pasha, Slatin Pasha and Hicks Pasha. These boys will also see a little action (hopefully) on this coming Thursday.

Baker and Slatin Pasha

Baker Pasha

Slatin Pasha

Hicks Pasha

Perry Miniatures - Sudan British High Command

The British High Command from Perry Miniatures is one of my latest additions to my Sudan collection. The figures have been painted by Leroy Simpson and I have only just finished basing this afternoon. We are planning a massive Sudan game on Australia Day at my house so if anyone in the area wants to drop by and have a look please drop me a are sure not to be disappointed. So please enjoy Leroy's great painting.

Graham and Wolseley

Wolseley C & C for the the 1884/85 campaigns.

General Graham commander of the Suakin area of operations

Stewart - commander of the cavalry brigade in the 1884 Suakin campaign and commander of the Camel Corps late 1884.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Warlord Games Married Zulus

My next master project for this year is to venture a little deeper into Queen Victoria's' African conquests with the 1879 campaign into Zululand. The guys I have pictured are my first attempt at painting Warlord Games plastic Zulus. I used the Army Painter method and am not at all convinced with the end result. I again had a little trouble with the mat vanish finish spray, which turned the figures a misty white...not good. So I had to paint over the figures with citadel Devlon Mud thus delivering the final result...not to bad.

The figures themselves are well designed with four different basic torsos, seven different heads, and numerous different weapons to choose from. They are easy to put together and do not take up to much of your painting time. So if your keen to 'Wash your Spears' I would recommend these great figures as a start to expand your Zulu army.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Calpe Miniatures - Prussians

My good friend Jeff Smith headed off from Townsville yesterday, hopefully only for a couple of years. But before he left I wanted to grab a few shots of his beautifully based and painted Calpe Miniatures Late Prussian collection. The figures have all been based and painted by Leroy Simpson over the last two year and again he has done a fantastic job. I did not have time to take shots of the infantry as it was late at night..sorry maybe another please enjoy.