Friday, December 30, 2011

The Battle of Lutzen 1632

Just placed up a few images from the Battle of Lutzen game Myself, Scott Robertson and Andrew Parr played a couple of weekends ago. Scott has a vast collection of figures for the ECW and the Thirty Year War gathered from around the globe, but the main body for the collection comes from Redoubt Enterprises excellent range, which Scott was lucky enough to purchase from Mister Redoubt himself.

Scott has based the figures in order to play Impetus, all units are 180mm by 80mm with infantry 18 - 20 figures and cavalry nine figures per unit. This was the first time I had played the rule and set and have to admit it was a very easy system to pick up and play for a first time player. Scott has also rebased all of my Ancients from WAB to Impetus so I guess I had better grab myself a set of the rules and strap myself in..........

Scott Robertson on the left and Andrew Parr on the right. It was Scott who got me into war gaming back in I feel old

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Two Days of Gaming at Scott's

A couple of weekends ago Andrew Parr and Myself went on a little road trip up the east coast of Australia. Traveling from Newcastle to Townsville in five days worked out just fine as we called into Scott Robertson's house for a few days grace and played two fantastic games. The first was a battle from the Thirty Year War then followed the next day with the Italian Wars of the 16th century. But I am a little short of time so will post the remainder of the images from both games up over the next couple of days...till then drawl as you may of these.....

1st Day Thirty Year War

2nd Day Italian Wars

Saturday, December 3, 2011

ACW at Adam's House 2

This is a great little game that Andrew parr and Adam Burke played a few weeks ago....sorry for the delay on the post, work has been very busy and has been very efficient at keeping me away from my hobby...maybe one day I can retire and spend those golden hours at my treasured painting and gaming tables....dream on said my wife.

The table has been built solely by Adam, who is alway improving this fine piece of art...when I grow up I would love to have a table like this....again my wife told me to 'keep on dreaming' to love them. Figures are from both Andrew's and Adam's collection.