Friday, October 14, 2011

Perry Miniatures - Plastic Sudanese Tribesman

These little fellows are my latest painting creation. I have not painted plastic figures for over 15 years nor had I used the Army Painter system. But with a little extra time up my sleeve I decided to order two boxes of these great Perry Miniatures Plastic Sudanese Tribesman. Once I had put them together, which took quite some time, I hit them with the army painter brown spray. After letting the figures dry I then proceeded to paint on the basic details - weapons clothes extra, this process was the longest. After a few days of painting I then painted on the Dark Tone army painter varnish and let them dry for a day. The next step was were my limited experience with using this system let me down....I sprayed the matt varnish too close and thus many of the figures received a white coating of varnish. However after a little panic I just painted over the effected figures with Citadel Devlin Mud and they came up a treat. I have not painted any of the standard coloured patches on them as I prefer the earlier periods then the later. So please enjoy.


Greg Sapara said...

Excellent job! I've been using the Army painter system for certain periods for about 6 months now, and I find it is the best way to get large amounts of figures completed in a reasonable amount of time.

Your project is impressive, and I'll have to follow your lead and get my boxes completed (when they FINALLY arrive, that is!).


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice results with the ap!


The Belgian, said...

Excellent must buy some at Crisis!

Anonymous said...

Nice work Nathan. Good luck with your move to the north.



Rodger said...

Wow, these guys look fantastic!!Great work Vinnie.

Cyrus said...

Great work Nathan, they look fantastic and I really like your basing.

Scott Robertson said...

Looking good mate. Cheers Scott