Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MOAB 2011

Well another MOAB has just pasted and hopefully many more to come. This was one of Sydney's largest wargaming conventions with over 250 competition gamers and 20 odd retailers making the journey the Sylvania Heights Community and Youth Club, located in the southern suburbs of Sydney. The weekend is put on by the boys from The Southern Battle Gamers Club, who have been doing a great job of it for the last ten or more years. However I think with the rainy weekend and the football grand finals on at the same time, the numbers of people through the doors were down this year. This was a shame as there were some fantastic demo and participation games plus loads excellent eye candy (nice figures and flavoursome discounts) provided by the retailers.

Retailers like War & Peace Games, Eureka Miniatures, Essex Miniatures, Olympian Games, Mick Metal Models, Military Simulations and Architects of War were to name but a hand full of the many.

Plus over 250 competition gamers playing Flames of War, Fields of Glory, Warhammer Fantasy/40K, DBM and Blood Bowl (plus a few more games I did not get to see)
One of the great little demo games put on by the guys from the Goulburn Wargamers. Matt Williamson heads the table for the Cowboy Wars.

Very year a great little 15mm Napoleonic demo game is played, this year they played Friedland 1807.

Flames of War Competition- 3 games on Saturday and Sunday and 2 on the Monday made for a long weekend.


Braxen said...

always good fun those events!

The Extraordinarii said...

The Wild West looks pretty cool