Sunday, October 23, 2011

Architects Of War - Desert Well

I am slowly getting through my pile of Architects of War terrain pieces, after finishing all the ACW building I have now moved onto their great Middle Eastern range. The first piece is essential if going in to the desert and fighting the Mahdi...the desert well. This little item is excellent it comes with three classical jugs for carrying water and even some camel hoof prints. Please enjoy

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Battle of Winchester - The last battle of Our ACW Campaign

The Battle of Winchester was our last game for the Valley Campaign. After three battles this was the Union's last chance to hopefully defeat Jackson (Brian Buskell) and claim the Valley for the Union. In doing so Victor (as the Union commander) call in all his available troops directed them to converge on Winchester. The Union mobilisation included two divisions of infantry(22 infantry battalions), nine regiments of cavalry and six batteries of artillery. With these massive re-enforcements Victor hoped to overwhelm Brian with shear numbers. Brian on the other hand had only 17 battalions of veteran troops, three regiments of cavalry and six batteries of artillery......the odds were not on his side.

With both side seeking a decisive outcome both Victor and Brian played to win and did not hold back of feeding more troops in battle. Initially Brian deployed his cavalry in and around the outskirts of Winchester, hoping to slow down the Union tide and to buy time for the remainder of Jacksons' troops to deploy. Victor also first deployed with his cavalry and in doing so deployed four regiments and a battery of artillery. But Jackson cavalry under the command of Col Ashby held the Union troops in check just long enough to allow the infantry to deploy.

Jackson was everywhere, with a command radius of eight inches and movement of 24 inches he was inspirational and if he could win this battle he would become one of the greatest captains of history.

The battle for the surrounding countryside waged back and forth for much of the game and there was bloody fighting in the streets of Winchester. At one point the Union troops took 3/4 of the town but were soon stopped by the Jackson's old brigade (commanded by Garnett) who push the remaining Union troops back through the streets, leaving many regimental colours behind.

In the end Victor did not achieve the victory he so desperately needed and was forced to withdraw leaving Jackson in command of the field. Jackson who would now have ever lasting fame and would soon head south with his army for the Peninsular and further fame. Our attempt to change history failed but boy did we have fun trying......till the next campaign.

The great Victory Perry and our resident wargaming genius Andrew Parr plan the next Union assault.

Jackson rallies Ashby's dismounted cavalry encouraging them to hold at all cost until his own foot cavalry arrive.

Jackson's foot cavalry arrive just in the nick of time

Confederate Brigades arrive south of Winchester

Union troops assault the town

Dismounted Union cavalry feel out the Confederate positions

Ashby's cavalry hold the right flank

A fresh Union brigade pushing on into Winchester

With Union assaults coming in hard and fast the Confederate cavalry hold on with the skin of their teeth

Union troops pour into Winchester pushing back and bypassing isolated pockets of Confederate troops

Not with a moment to spare Jackson old brigade push on through Winchester, pushing Union troops back, taking prisoners and colours along the way.

More Confederate troops surge forward relieving the Ashby's cavalry just in the nick of time

The bloody house to house, street to street fighting begins

Union re-enforcements arrive but are to late to change the out come of the battle

Friday, October 14, 2011

Perry Miniatures - Plastic Sudanese Tribesman

These little fellows are my latest painting creation. I have not painted plastic figures for over 15 years nor had I used the Army Painter system. But with a little extra time up my sleeve I decided to order two boxes of these great Perry Miniatures Plastic Sudanese Tribesman. Once I had put them together, which took quite some time, I hit them with the army painter brown spray. After letting the figures dry I then proceeded to paint on the basic details - weapons clothes extra, this process was the longest. After a few days of painting I then painted on the Dark Tone army painter varnish and let them dry for a day. The next step was were my limited experience with using this system let me down....I sprayed the matt varnish too close and thus many of the figures received a white coating of varnish. However after a little panic I just painted over the effected figures with Citadel Devlin Mud and they came up a treat. I have not painted any of the standard coloured patches on them as I prefer the earlier periods then the later. So please enjoy.