Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wargaming Old School - With Andrew Parr

My good friend Andrew Parr sent this great set of images through of a game he and Charles Rivers played the other week. Think all figures pictured are from the old Prince August range of 'mould it yourself' which are still perfect for wargaming in this grand manner. So please enjoy the images and the little blurb from Andrew.

"Marshall De Sexe (me) was trounced by Old Spanker the Duke of Cumerbund
(Charles) at the battle of the Bare forest.Noteable performances by the british Men in the Buff and for the Frenchby the Gentlehommes de Bathrobe.".......Andrew



Rodger said...

Thats a very nice looking game Vinnie. The Prince August figures are not too bad . Good if you want a mass effect without the cost!

Monty said...

Looking good - that certainly is classic stuff :)

Docsmith said...

What a classic! And a beer or ten from the buxom serving wenches at the conclusion of the action - nice one. Hope it reflected the service off-table as well!


Andy said...

A fellow pipe smoking wargamer!