Friday, September 2, 2011

Battle of Strasburg - 2nd Battle of Our Valley Campaign

After Victors' (Union General James Shields) crushing defeat at Harpers' Ferry and his narrow escape through Confederate lines, Victor road fast and hard all night to reach the rest of his army at Winchester. Jackson (Brian) soon followed a day later after burning the weapon factories, warehouses and paroling the Union prisoners. The Armies were soon to face each other again but this time on more even terms at the small but important town of Strasburg. This was to be our second battle of the Valley Campaign and Jackson's (Brian's) second win.

Jackson, after arriving just north of Strasburg, deployed his three infantry brigades and five batteries of guns across a narrow front hoping to overwhelm the Union right flank. Victor on the other hand planned his main defensive line to the right of the town. It was here he deployed nine infantry regiments and a battery of guns. On the Union left Victor deployed a thin screen of dismounted cavalry (five regiments) under the command of Col Thornton Brodhead and one battery of artillery.

The north west of Strasburg two Union brigades make up the main line of Victors' defence.

Col Jeremiah Sullivans' Brigade held the centre of the Union line.

A birds eye view of Union lines west of Strasburg

To the east of Strasburg Union dismounted cavalry deploys behind a low stone wall.

Fresh from their victory at Harpers' Ferry Confederate artillery deploys north of the town, dominating the high ground.

Soon the Confederate brigades move out from the woods and into the fields beyond.

Elite Miniatures ACW troops all painted by Andrew Parr have made up at least half of Brian's victories Valley Army.

Victor's army also contained many Elite figures but one of his brigades was filled with Victors own range of Adventure Miniatures (all painted by Victor)

A great little table top piece from Old Glory Miniatures....and also with the casualties mounting out in the front lines there was lots of work for the Army surgeons.

Garnett's Bde advances on the Union right flank....unbeknown to Garnett his brigade soon became the main effort in the assault on Strasburg.

Shaky, under heavy artillery fire but still holding firm Union dismounted cavalry hold firm.

Burks's and Fulkerson's brigades advance across open rolling fields pinning the Union cavalry in place.

This great looking Virginian homestead has been scratch built by Brian made a nice little addition to the gaming table.

A birds eye view of the battlefield just before the lines meet.

Garnett's veteran brigade charges through withering fire and onto the defensives of Union left flank, pushing the 7th Indiana back.

At the same time on the Union left the brigades of Burks and Fulkerson charge the thinly held Union right flank.

The fences and some of the buildings have been scratch built by Brian. I made the fields and Brian painted the Architects of War buildings, hedgerows and stone walls.

The 4th US Light Artillery is caught in the moment of withdrawing their guns and is captured by the 48th Virginia.

Figures are a mix of Old Glory, Sash & Saber, Adventure Miniatures and Elite Miniatures.


Caliban said...

Lovely table and figures. Almost makes me want to do ACW in 25mm, but I must and will resist!

Giles said...

Great photos, Vinnie.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Blimey that's an awesome battlefield!


JM said...

Very nice, as usual!

Rodger said...

Looks fantastic. Wonderful photos.

eagleteacher25 said...


The Valley Campaign lives! Maybe next trip we can visit all the battlefields in the Valley!


PS looking forward to the write up of this one too!

Vinnie said...

Thanks Guys for the comments it was a champion game.

Larry I would love to come back over and re-live the glory days of the Valley Campaign.

All the best and happy gaming


Anonymous said...

Lovely looking game, well done.


Andrew Parr said...

That looks cracking Nathan, well done.