Monday, July 4, 2011

The battle of Albuera 1811/2011

Myself and a few of the boys from the Lonely Gamers club spent last Saturday afternoon rolling a few dice and replaying the Battle of Albuera. Andrew Parr, Victor Perry and Dave Houston fielding the French army of Marshal Soult. Myself well I had to play the Spanish and Brian Buskell as overall commander of the Allied Forces (Beresford). The majority of the French and British figures were Elite Miniatures, Spanish all Front Rank and the remainder Old Glory Miniatures. Orders of Battle were taken from the General de Brigade Napoleonic Secenarios Book One, but a few changes to the deployments and terrain, which I tried as best to replicate as the actual battlefield. However this seemed to leave the field a little barren and void of anything interesting (much as it was on the day) so I through in a couple of fields and a nice little Spanish church. The changes we allowed was after the initial deployments all arriving forces for the French were allowed to nominate on which side they were going to come on. For our game the remaining two French Brigades came on from the left flank of the Allied forces. This gave a little more flexibility for the French and to do what Marshal Soult would of liked to have achieved...a French Victory.

Initial Spanish deployment - Zayas' Bde deployed along the crest of the Albuera Heights with Espanas' Bde in reserve.

2nd Guards, 8pdr Foot Bty and Irlanda Regiments on Albuera Heights

Marshal Soult and Girards' Bde deployed for battle

Girards' Bde battle line

French forces advance and contact first the Spanish Light Infantry and then Zaya's Bde

Zayas' thin Spanish Brigade held out against repeated French attacks for 10 turns. Very much a repeat of the actual battle...must have been my dice rolling??

Zayas's Bde with Espanas' Bde deployed in close support

An Italian attack column charges the Spanish guns

Spanish Cavalry under General Villemur made repeated attacks against the advancing French forces. After breaking on French battalion, caught in line, these gallant fighters were caught in the flank and front by the French Cavalry. The Berg Lancers filled in for the Vistula Lancers in our battle. However two days before hand the Vistula were ready to go but Brian young son decided to help Daddy paint.......

Elite Miniatures French Infantry in greatcoat painted by Victor Perry

With the battle raging in front of the main Allied line the French started their main attack on the Allied left. General de Brigade Gazan came in on the flank and faced one small Spanish Bde of two battalions under General Ballasteros, expecting an easy victory......he was wrong...charging twice onto the Catalonia regiment (deployed in skirmish) these French veterans were defeated twice.

Another repeat of the day.. Colbournes' Bde skirmish line is caught out in the open and destroyed by the 2nd Hussars

Turn eight brought on the last of the English Bdes under Myers. All Elite Miniatures.

The only line that seemed not to have fallen by the end of the game. Hoghtons' British Bde held the left flank of the Allied line...but ended up being too late as the French had broken our centre.

Lumbys' Heavies broken by the Berg/Vistula lancers...bad rolling from Brian.

The last French Bde to deploy was General de Brigade Werle who's bde hardly shed a drop of blood. Their appearance finally over come the depleted Spanish lines and burst through the Allied centre. No Vistula Infantry were present on the day however we were short of French so these little guys got to fight their first battle. Elite Miniatures Vistula painted by Brian Buskell.


Rodger said...

Great photos and very nice looking troops.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Awesome spectacle!


BigRedBat said...

An excellent looking game! Jealous, I am.


Bluewillow said...

lovely mate!


Vinnie said...

Thanks Guys..sorry however about the lack of scenery...not much on the day either but I think if I had a bit of the teddybear hair it may have change the table a bit?