Monday, June 27, 2011

Architects of War & Elite Miniatures Australia 15% End of Financial Year Sale

Hello All - for those of the Australian wargaming community, Elite Miniatures & Architects of War Australia will be having a end of financial year sale. This means all available products and ranges will be discounted 15% until the end of June. If you are interested in the latest catalogues for both ranges please drop me an email at Or just take a look on the Elite Miniatures Australia webpage.

Elite Miniatures Australia has also just received some new moulds from Peter in the UK. The following codes are now available for order:

British Cavalry 1812-15

BWC4 Heavy Dragoon Troopers - sword down - helmet

BWC5 Heavy Dragoon Troopers - sword up - helmet

BWC6 Heavy Dragoon Troopers - sword on shoulder - helmet

BWC7 Heavy Dragoon Officer - Helmet

BWC7b Heavy Dragoon Trumpeter - Helmet

BWC8 Light Dragoon Troopers - charging sword up - shako

BWC9 Light Dragoon Officer - shako

BWC9b Light Dragoon Trumpeter - shako

Spanish 1805

SP13 Light Infantry Skirmish Pack - shako & side plume (4 figures)

SP13 Foot Crew - bicorne & plume (4 figures)

P13a Foot Crew with officer - bicorne & plume (4 figures)

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