Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ACW at Adam's House

I have just added a few images of a ACW game that Adam Burke and Andrew Parr played last Sunday. Figures are a mainly Renegade Miniatures. Rules - Andrews' ACW Fortune & Glory and the terrain has been made by Adam.....Enjoy

Monday, June 27, 2011

Architects of War & Elite Miniatures Australia 15% End of Financial Year Sale

Hello All - for those of the Australian wargaming community, Elite Miniatures & Architects of War Australia will be having a end of financial year sale. This means all available products and ranges will be discounted 15% until the end of June. If you are interested in the latest catalogues for both ranges please drop me an email at Or just take a look on the Elite Miniatures Australia webpage.

Elite Miniatures Australia has also just received some new moulds from Peter in the UK. The following codes are now available for order:

British Cavalry 1812-15

BWC4 Heavy Dragoon Troopers - sword down - helmet

BWC5 Heavy Dragoon Troopers - sword up - helmet

BWC6 Heavy Dragoon Troopers - sword on shoulder - helmet

BWC7 Heavy Dragoon Officer - Helmet

BWC7b Heavy Dragoon Trumpeter - Helmet

BWC8 Light Dragoon Troopers - charging sword up - shako

BWC9 Light Dragoon Officer - shako

BWC9b Light Dragoon Trumpeter - shako

Spanish 1805

SP13 Light Infantry Skirmish Pack - shako & side plume (4 figures)

SP13 Foot Crew - bicorne & plume (4 figures)

P13a Foot Crew with officer - bicorne & plume (4 figures)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Heavily Converted French Line Officer - Elite Miniatures

This beautiful figure was given to me recently by Victor Perry (Adventure Miniatures). Victor has heavily converted a French foot figure, from the Elite Miniatures range, into this fantastically designed French Middle Guard Officer. He has moulded the figure basically from scratch but has maintained the head and arms from the original figure so as to still give that classic Elite Miniatures look, which I am sure Peter Morbey would be very proud off.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Replica German PzII - History Alive

I have just uploaded some great pictures a friend of mind took of this fantastic replica PzII. He was able to take the images whilst participating in this years 'History Alive' weekend in Brisbane. The same group also had built a 222 from scratch, just the other year and have done another fantastic job on this little number. The re-enactment group is call Ausreeenact in QLA and can be found at please enjoy

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Battle of the Boyne

Two weeks ago my good friend Andrew Parr played a section from the Battle of the Boyne. I'm not sure which section of the field he played as the battle was spread across a wide front on the Boyne River. However the figures look great which has made me a little envious to collect this period......hmmm maybe when I grow up???


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sash & Saber Miniatures - Dismounted Union Cavalry

It has been a while since my last post...sorry about that work has been keeping me very busy and I have been away from home most of the time. However I did manage to finish a unit of Sash & Saber dismounted Union cavalry. I would have to say that I think these figures are the best ACW range around, lots of character and a real joy to paint. We are planning another ACW game in the next few weeks so hopefully they might get a run.

Three of the command figures

The dismounted cavalry packs are supplied with ten different figures and the command packs four different figures thus enabling you create great looking units.

The sergeant above is supplied with the command pack.