Sunday, May 8, 2011

AUSCON 2011 - Queensland May Long Weekend

Last weekend I took a little drive (10 hrs) up to Brisbane and onto one of Australians' many local conventions 'AUSCON' ( The convention is put on by the Wizards of OZ a great local gaming group headed by two English lads - Mark & Allen. The show went for three days, but unfortunately I had to drive home on the third day and was only able to visit for the first two. The main competitions held were a massive War hammer 40k comp, Blood Bowl, War hammer Fantasy, War Machine and Flames of War comps. The competitions alone I think brought at least 200+ gamers with 2-3000 through the doors over the duration of the weekend. The show also hosted a great History Alive group, who did a fantastic job in their WWII re-enactment, plus numerous demonstration games, a number of local retailers, modelling presentations and a great painting competition. All and all it was a great weekend seeing some fantastic painted armies, good shopping and catching up with some old wargaming chums...what more could you ask for, but hope it is on again next year. Anyway I will post some of my better photos of the games and figures over the next few day...I hope you enjoy the shots.

Flames of War

A great Waterloo demo game with old school Minifigs

Warhammer 40k

Elite Miniatures Napoleonics

War Machine

Nephew Brae at a Demo 40k game

Did I forget to mention they had Star Wars...awesome
WWII re-enactors doing a great job.

a nice MG42


Bluewillow said...

A pity I couldn't make it this year!


Vinnie said...

True, maybe next year we could do a road run?