Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Perry Miniatures - Bashi-Bazouks

These lovely fellows were from Eye Pro-painted eBay store and were kindly donated to me by the great Andrew Parr. He figured that seeing I dabble in the odd Sudan game then they would go nicely into my collection. The figures are from the fantastic figure range of Perry Miniatures and are from their British Sudan 28mm collection. The figures themselves are design to represent the many Bashi-Bazouks who served in the Egyptian Army durning the early years of the war. I have based them up as two companies, each of ten figures on a 40x40mm base.

Please enjoy

The two companies complete

The first company

And the second company

These two are the only figures of which I painted in order to complete the unit.

The second figure I painted for the unit.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Saturday Afternoon of ACW

On Saturday afternoon the boys of the Lonely Gamers Club - Andrew Parr, Victor Perry, Brian Buskell, Dave Houston and myself got together and had ourselves a little ACW action. The game we played was the first to represent the initial fighting west of Gettysburg, along McPherson Ridge. I tried to get the table looking close as possible but I could not replicate the actual ridge line so I only placed in the section of the unfinished railroad where the 6th Wisconsin would become immortalised later on that day for their gallant charge. The main difference with the play from that of the day was that we allowed the opposing commanders to bring on their re-enforcements in location and manners of their own choice. However the initial deployments of Brig Gen Buford and Major Gen Heth's skirmish lines remained the same. But I will fill in a few more details of the battle shortly, until then enjoy the photos.

Monday, May 9, 2011

AUSCON - A little more eye candy

Thought I might just throw up a little more eye candy from AUSCON on the Queensland May Day long weekend.

Images from the Flames of war competition

54mm Demo WWII game - Early war French Vs Germans

Warhammer 40K comp. There were some great looking armies here.

Warmachine also had a big following over the weekend