Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Perry Miniatures - Captured Egyptian Crew (shackled) loading Krupp 6 pdr with Beja overseer

I have been very bad lately and had some Perry Miniatures Sudan figures painted by Leroy Simpson, in Townsville. Leroy painted three lots of figures for me over the last two months and the first was this great Mahdi artillery battery. I had not seen the figures in the flesh or on the Perry site, so I was not too sure what the figures would look like. But after Leroy sent these beauties through I had to post them on the blog. These guys are a must if your seriously getting into the Sudan period and building the Mahdi forces. From personal accounts the fire from them was not the accurate, but I'm sure if you placed them on your gaming table the opposition will get a bit of a scare. Leroy however is a bit of a painting master and has done himself proud with these guys...please enjoy


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

That's just really cool!


Bluewillow said...

great for knocking those pesky hussars and lancers off thier horses!


Bedford said...

Very nice painting and some of their best models from the Sudan range IMHO.


adeptgamer said...

"Shackled" !?!, like they were chained to the guns so they wouldn't run?

Vinnie said...

Yes apparently the capture Egyptian crew were chained poor fellows...there are a few images of these guys dying next too and under the guns, as they could not run.

Docsmith said...

They are bloody amazing - beautiful figures beautifully painted! You can just imagine that bastard of an overseer belting that poor shackled sod of a gunner. The poses and presentation are so realistic they give you the shivers!


Noel said...

Marvellous stuff Vinnie, I've always enjoyed playing and reading about the Sudan campaign and the figures available are some of the best in any period. Any chance Leroy might want to relocate to Devon?

Vinnie said...


The Sudan is also one of my favourite periods in history as it was the first time an Australian contingent served overseas....Leroy would love to move to Devon, I'm sure..but he might have to ask the wife first?