Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Perry Miniatures - Mahdi Mounted armoured command

These three great Mahdi Sudan figures are the last Leroy has painted for my collection. Again the figures are from the Perry Miniatures Mahdist range and are the mounted armoured command set or code SA15. I just can not fault Leroy and the fantastic painting he has done for me over the years and these guys are no exception in the fine quality of work he has continued to please enjoy.

Armoured Emir

Armoured army standard bearer

unarmoured religious leader

Perry Miniatures - Gardner Gun and Naval Brigade crew

Another of Leroy's commissions for me - The British Naval Brigades Gardner Gun and crew for my Sudan collection. I have another gun however you need two to complete a battery so I asked Leroy, nicely, to paint a second for me. The other one is a Redoubt Miniatures model but the two figure companies are not really compatible , Redoubt is the bigger of the two, as also is the gun. But not to worry I'm sure they will shoot the Mahdi just the same....
The Perry model however is very nice and will certainly look a treat on the table. I just hope the gun does not jam....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Perry Miniatures - Captured Egyptian Crew (shackled) loading Krupp 6 pdr with Beja overseer

I have been very bad lately and had some Perry Miniatures Sudan figures painted by Leroy Simpson, in Townsville. Leroy painted three lots of figures for me over the last two months and the first was this great Mahdi artillery battery. I had not seen the figures in the flesh or on the Perry site, so I was not too sure what the figures would look like. But after Leroy sent these beauties through I had to post them on the blog. These guys are a must if your seriously getting into the Sudan period and building the Mahdi forces. From personal accounts the fire from them was not the accurate, but I'm sure if you placed them on your gaming table the opposition will get a bit of a scare. Leroy however is a bit of a painting master and has done himself proud with these guys...please enjoy

Egyptian Infantry - Sudan 1882-85

I have been a little slack lately in regards to painting, however I did manage to paint up another two companies of Egyptian Infantry for my Sudan collection. The figures are a mix of old Glory and Perry Miniatures command which I picked up the very generous Scott Robertson just the other week. These two companies now complete the Egyptian battalion.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Architects of War - Plantation Shanty

Ok I 2yr old daughter Ella wanted her picture taken with the AoW Plantation Shanty this morning...little champion, she has to hold everything.....'Me hold it!!!" Hard to so no these days. Anyway Brian Buskell has just finished painting the building for my display table and hopefully it will also feature in a not too distance ACW game. The building has been design by Ernie from Architects of War. It is a very well designed two piece resin kit with a metal door (which opens) and window. The interior is also very well designed and features a bed and fire place, ideal for skirmish or the larger games. Oh and I forgot to mention that Ernie has placed a nice little birds nest right next to the chimney..a little touch.


Right hand side


The birds nest

Left hand side

View of the interior

Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Armoured Spahi Cavalry with Pistols 17-18 Century (Old Glory Miniatures)

My good friend Leroy has been very busy over the last few weeks, this post shows another of his latest commissions some more Spahi Cavalry for John Maguire in Townsville. He has painted another 10 cavalry. He has done a supreme job as they look bloody good. Hopefully I might be back up in Townsville at the start of next year in order to play a few games with these boys.

Calpe Miniatures - Prussian Infantry

Sorry everyone I have been a little slack over the past three weeks. I have away with the Army learning how to blow up UXO's....exciting stuff. Anyway Leroy Simpson has sent through some very nice pictures of the last few commissions he has been painting. The first images are of these two battalions of the fantastic Caple Miniatures Late War Prussian range for Jeff Smith in Townsville. Leroy has also based them up for Andrew Parr's Fortune & Glory rules - 40 x 40mm, four figures per base.

Please Enjoy the shots

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Architects of War - Middle Eastern Terrain soon available in Australia

In the next two weeks I will be getting re-stocked with the new range of Middle Eastern terrain from Architects of War. The buildings and palms will be arriving on Monday 11th April and on the selves that evening. I will have the new catalogue and prices ready by tonight so if there are any advanced orders you and get them in before everyone else. Prices will be the same as in the US with the additional prices added for postage. I will also be running a store at this years AUSCON ( 30 Apr - 2 May 2011 in Brisbane. Myself and Scott Robertson will be running the store so keep you eye out for us. If you are after an updated catalogue please drop me an email and I will send one out.

Small House

Desert Well

Donkey Mill


Palm Grove

Animal Enclosure

Old Barn