Monday, March 21, 2011

Warhammer Ancients 2 in Goulburn

Over the weekend I visited the boys in Goulburn for their WAB2 yearly get together. Five tables of WAB and 10 gamers. Only a small gathering compared to most clubs but not a bad number for a small town of 22 000 people. We only start playing at around 1030am and after to good solid little games finished up at around 3pm. Matt Williamson organised the day and the Army lists. The first game was only 300pts and was restricted light infantry or skirmishers only. His idea behind this was to fit the skirmish battle first with the loser having to set his army up first. With only three allowable turns to play this made for a quick/fast moving game.

The second game was just your normal WAB game with each side fielding an 1800pt army. There were at least three Roman armies, one Celtic, one pike, one Thracian and one Carthaginian. I fielded a Pergamon army..mainly of light infantry and no pike. In the end I think the Roman armies had the upper hand and won most games that day. Still very hard to fight in WAB2 and field a very good infantry army. I was soundly defeated yet again.....maybe one day I could roll a few solid sixes.

This was also only the second time I had played WAB2 and the first time I have played Ancients in nearly a year. It was quite good to dust the troops off and roll those thousands of dice. But I would like to see some more supplements come out for the rules. It seems they have forgotten about advancing any further in this field, which is a shame.

Some of Matt Williamson's nicely painted Pontic Cataphracts

Greg Bardwell's Celtic chariots - all Elite Miniatures

Greg Bardwells' 60 figure Celtic Warband

Carthaginian spear

Republican Romans

My cavalry lining up for a charge. This did not eventuate..I was caught flat foot and lost my charge bonus.....and my cavalry

This was my little battlefield,,up against a strong Roman force of infantry

Matts Pontic pike

Matt..president of the Goulburn wargaming club

Hills, forrest, Thracians and more damned Romans

My little Architects of War table

The clash of spears

Some nice painted Warlord Ancients Roman Auxiliary


The Extraordinarii said...

Wow, what a worthy event, and all those sweet miniatures too, nice eye candy.

DeanM said...

Inspiring game with great (& abundant) figures. Magnesia? Best, Dean

Anonymous said...

Lovely games, thank you Nathan for taking the photos.


Conrad Hawkwood said...

It was a great day..WAB isn't my cup of tea but a great day indeed..

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Great boards and WAB is my cup of tea!


Allan and Carmen said...

Glad to see you are back to the Ancients!

What a great turnout for a small town.

I wish Toowoomba, QLD could manage the same. We have at least 5 times the population.

Do you like the WAB 2 rules? (Compared to WAB 1.5)

Has it made using the different WAB books difficult?

Hope you guys had a blast :D

The Architects of War Scenics are very nice.



Bluewillow said...

A great day was had by all, some lovely armies graced the tables. I like some of the changes to WAB2 but not all, especially the change to the light infantry rules. My pontic pike failed miserably due to my poor dice rolling and possibly generalship!


Vinnie said...

Cheers for the comments Guys, it was refreshing playing ancients again, after many games of Napoleonic's and ACW, this was welcome. However I was a little rusty in the rules. However I found the WAB2 rules quite easy to pick up again and the army lists from old seemed to work well.

Thanks again