Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday Wargaming in the Sudan

I have just uploaded a few pics of the game the boys played at my home on Saturday afternoon. Victor Perry, Brian Buskell our locals from Singleton and Matt Williamson and Greg Bardwell came up from Gouldburn to roll the dice. Why the Sudan...well not one of the boys had played a single game of Colonial warfare in all their days of gaming, so I decided it would be a nice chance from Napoleonics and ACW to bury our toes in the sand for a day. Ok back into the game...we decided to use Andrew Parr's Fortune & Glory Colonial supplement as the rule set for the day. Which in turned provided a very lively and well balanced game. Brian and Greg sided with the British and Victor and Matt played the forces of Osman Digna. The scenario for the game was the classic relief of a besieged force. In this case one company of British and a single mountain gun. The Mahdi forces objective was to stop the column and capture the supplies. Each side also had to have two units in reserve and could have up to two cavalry units as flanking columns.

Setting up was basically the same as many gaming systems one unit at a time from each side. however the Mahdi forces were able to conceal a number of units in ambushing locations, but only in their deployment area. after all deployment was completed each side rolled for initiative and away we went. Brian sent the artillery around to the right and Greg deployed covering the centre. I am not sure what they were intending to do with the supplies but they went round the right hand side as well. This proved to be a mistake for the British. Their forces were now effectively split without mutual support and the Mahdi closed in fast for the kill.

Matt and Victor soon focus their main attacking forces on the Greg's central force and only sent a few smaller units to contest with Brian's flanking more. By turn four Greg was under repeated attack, one unit stopped three assaults at once (I think there may have a VC or tow earned there). However on the right flank the Mahdi horse came charging out of the desert and hit the British artillery in the rear. Within minutes the guns had fallen and their crews lay dead all around. The second horse unit hit the baggage train and defeated a British attempt to retake the position twice. With the baggage and artillery destroyed or captured the fight was over and the British column started their withdraw. But in one last supreme effort a British dragoon regiment charged in from the Mahdi left flank and managed to run down two units of Mahdi troops. However this was much to late and could only be claimed as a hollow victory.

Osama Digma....the devil deploys his forces in ambush.

The whole collection was once owned by Scott Robertson who also painted all the figures bart two units. Most of the figures were painted using the Army Painter system of sprays, washes and matt finishes. However the red coated troops were painted by Leroy Simpson. The Mahdi forces, which are mainly Old Glory Miniatures have also been painted in the same manner.

One of two units painted by myself and are from Cast-a-way Arts.

The battery deploys

Few....this bloody heat is getting to me

The 'Thin Ren Line' Sudan style

Where did those devils come from?

The guns fall......

Here come the Cavalry

The supply train is captured


Scullmeister said...

Fantastic looking game! What make are the figures?

Thanks for sharing


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Awesome looking board!


BigRedBat said...

Fantastic looking game! Reminds me of the pics of the old Wargames holiday centre Sudan games.

Beccas said...

That's one of the best looking wargames I have seen.

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

love the look of the terrain

Neil said...

What rules did you use?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nathan for the pics and report. Lovelya s always an I bet Scott misses his collection.



Scott Robertson said...

Good to see them on the table mate, they haven't seen that much action since I sold them to you. I do miss them but have even more unpainted lead to do them again (start again next year). See you next week. Cheers Scott

Vinnie said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Got to love the Sudan lots of sand and thousands of savages. The collection once belonged Scott Robertson, until last year when I picked them up and brought them down south. We play tested Andrew Parr's Fortune & Glory rules for this period and they worked excellent.

Unlucky General said...

Don't worry about the battle commentary Nathan ... why bore people with superfluous detail?

Gamer in Exile said...

Absolutely brilliant. Great set up and lovely figures.

Any Old Glory in there? I'm painting some of their Camel Corps at the moment.

Vinnie said...

Yes Buddy most of the Mahdi forces are Old Glory and look as good as Perry Miniatures.