Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sash & Saber Miniatures - Union Artillery & Crew

These guys are from the recently painted Sash & Saber Federal Artillery (code US3), which I brushed up while I was in the USA. I have since based them and used them several times since. The game in the background is the Battle of Richmond, which we played yesterday (review to follow) between Andrew Parr/Brian Buskell and Myself/Victor Perry. We managed to played two three hour games in an afternoon/early evening. Not a bad effort I reckon; however I could only use the images from the first game as the light was light was not the best...sorry. Anyway the Sash & Saber figures are excellent figures to paint and have loads of character. The artillery gun are also S & S 12pdr Napoleons. The stone wall is the one produced by Architects of War and comes with four full length walls and two smaller end pieces. The joins are very cleverly made and can be seen in the picture below.


US3 federal Artillery and crew


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I have these same figures and I love them! Nice work.