Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Battle of Richmond - 1862

The battle myself and the boys (Andrew Parr, Victor Perry and Brian Buskell) played was based on the Battle of Richmond (in Kentucky) 30th August 1863. We obtain the scenario from the'Guns Of Gettysburg' scenario book No. 1. It was a fairly straight up game with not too much tactical thinking...just lucky dice rolling. The mission for the Union players (myself & Victor) was top hold the Duncannon Lane with nine regiments of infantry, two batteries of guns and two cavalry regiments. However they were all classed as Militia and green. On the Confederate side Andrew & Brian's objective was to force us from the lane and push onto Richmond. They on the other hand fielded troops of slightly better calibre...Veteran & Elite. So as you can imagine with my past record of poor dice rolling I lost.......never mind there was another game that night and I lost again....the odds are against me. But I hope you enjoy the images.

This was McCray dismounted cavalry Brigade of Texans and a small sharpshooter unit from the 31st Arkansas out front. All figures are from the Mark Fenlon ACW range, now owned by Victor Perry. The figures are part of Brian's collection, he also made the rail fences.

Cruft's brigade of green and militia troops. All figures are from Elite Miniatures and part of Andrew's collection. The stone wall is from Architects of War overgrown stone wall set.

Old Glory observation post, a nice touch to the battlefield.

Mason's infantry brigade all Indiana and Kentucky boys. The regiment with the red pants has been painted up as a New York Militia regiment...nice touch of colour I think.

Vaughan's brigade of Tennessee boys, all Elite Miniatures and painted by Andrew.

My Sash & Saber boys stood in as green troops. They played the role well and ran after the first two volleys from the Confederates.

Even the artillery for the Union was green. These guys were the only ones from Mason's Brigade who held their ground.

New York Militia, Elite Miniatures painted by Leroy Simpson

Another nice little touch for background shots, an Old Gory dressing station.

Two batteries of Elite Miniatures Confederate artillery fire onto the Union lines.

Mark Fenlon Miniatures Confederates advance forward. Of note Victor will soon be re-releasing this great range under the new name of 'Adventure Miniatures Australia'. These guys have been painted by Brian.

Elite Miniatures ACW Union

More Elite Miniatures Confederates. Part of Andrew's collection.

A fiar chunk of the battle was fought over 'Whites Farm' in the middle of the table. Once our Union troops were pushed out, our defence was basically broken.

On the other wing the battle was a little more costly on the Confederate side. A couple of sharp volleys and a few rounds of canister shot away one Confederate battalion. But with another five coming in just as fast the boys in blue could not hold.

After eight turns our lines broke

And three colour standards were captured by the victors.


BigLee said...

Darn good pictures! Looks like it was a good game.

Phil B said...

They look like good pictures to me! Very, very impressive.

Never played ACW but I'm reading a history of it at the moment and its getting me in the mood to give this period a go.

Napoleonic in scale (thousands a side) and very infantry-centric.

The period has everything - sieges, river and naval battles, battles in forests, farmland, wilderness and hilly terrain and towns. Not to mention cavalry charges, artillery and mortar fire....

The more I think about it, the more I'm getting into it!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Just great!!!! My absolute favourite period.


Bluewillow said...

lovely mate,

see you on the weekend!


Vinnie said...

Cheers for the comments Guys. We really enjoy ACW as well. I used to play it some ten years ago but thanks to my trip last to the US and visiting the battlefields, my interest in the period re-kindled. There is still loads of colour and interesting troops types to make the game interesting, as well as some great new figure companies out there that produce fantastic just can not go wrong.

Beccas said...

That looks fantastic. Give me ACW anyday.

James said...

Amazingly good looking game

Ray Rousell said...

Very impressive looking game and great photo's too!!!