Sunday, March 6, 2011

ACW - Fortune & Glory

Just about every week myself and one or two of the boys from Lonely Gamers try to get together and have a game at my place. Since my return from the US, funny enough the flavour of the month is ACW. So far we have three games and another big one is planned for this coming weekend. Because our games are at night and have been starting at 730pm, we have been using Andrew Parr's quick play Fortune & Glory supplement for the American Civil War. Andrew is still working of this supplement but thus far the play has been good. The game pictured was played last Wednesday night, between Brian Buskell and Dave Houston in which Brian walked away with a win. The images I took were not the best as it was at night and the lighting in my dinning room is not some thing a pro would consider good, so I decided the images might look better in black and white....maybe closer to the period.

Old Glory Zouaves part of Dave's attacking union troops. These guys lost both their colours in the ensuring fight.

Dave brought two regiments up on his right flank, hoping to turn Brian's left flank.

Sash & Saber artillery pound Confederate troops occupying the homestead.

Mark Fenlon Miniatures surge forward to support the Confederate left flank.

The main seen of the fight was around this great scratch built building made by Leroy Simpson. The fences were built by Brian only two days before. He made enough to cover 12ft of table in tow days......more machine then man

One of my Sash & Saber Iron Bde units. The guys did not do as well this time as last week.

Confederate troops take up a defensive position along the turnpike.

Union troops try to storm the homestead but are easily driven off with the loss of a stand of colours to the victors.

A final charge of Union troops hopes to snatch victory from defeat. But those damned 'Reds' fought to hard today.

Captured colours soon to be displayed in Richmond.


Josiah Martin said...

Outstanding looking game! Give my compliments to the boys for the scratch built house and fences, they look great!

James said...

Good looking game!
Our group found once you start lining both sides of the roads with fences you use it up pretty fast! You can never have too many fences for ACW games.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Really enjoy this stuff as I'll be doing ACW in 28mm as well soon.


Green stuff and Alioop said...

Love the 'black and white" images. Looks like a fun time.

BigLee said...

Yeah, the B&W pictures are really cool. Very evocative!