Friday, February 25, 2011

Mark Fenlon Miniatures -ACW Artillery Crew in Kepi (Now Produced by Victor Perry )

The great range of Mark Fenlon Miniatures is about to hit the world gaming scene once again, with an old favourite ACW range, now produced by Victor Perry, who had recently purchased this great and popular range. The range will soon be available under a new title, but Victor does not have a webpage up and running as yet. However he is very keen to hear from anybody wishing to obtain the figures and can also send a catalogue when requested by dropping him an email on: . I am not sure of the prices for a pack, but a single figure will only set you back $2.00 Aust, which I think is every good. The range at present covers infantry (including Zouaves), cavalry and artillery. Victor however has been very busy making a number conversions for the infantry, new mounted command figures and dismounted officers. The new figures should be available in the next couple of months. I have included in this post the four figures available for the artillery in kepi, which have been painted by Brian Buskell. The range also has available artillery crew in hat.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Interested to see this miniature company come back online. Keep us posted.


Mike Siggins said...

Did this re-launch ever happen? I am looking for some more Fenlon pieces.