Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mark Fenlon Miniatures - ACW Zouaves

The Zouaves were one of the last ranges that Mark Fenlon designed and are a marked improvement of the earlier designed infantry figures. The small range only has three figures for the command, but there two different figures for the kneeling loading, kneeling firing, standing firings and standing loading figures, which allows you to have a nice mix of poses for your units. Victor however is in the process of designing a few more head variations i.e a turban wrap around the fez and kepi variations, which will be a very welcomed additions to an already great range. When the new additions will be available? I am unsure, but hopefully in the next three to four months, so I will keep you posted. Again if you would like to know more about the figures Victor would be more then happy to either answer and questions you have or send you a sample figure. Just contact Victor by emailing to the following address:

The Command

Three of the firing line figures (shown are the two variants of the standing firing figure).

How your firing line will look on the tabletop.

Perry Miniatures - Napoleon & Staff 1815 Command Sets

This fantastic set of figures, designed by the Perry's, were painted by War Dragon (a Hong Kong based painting service) and are now in Andrew Parr's collection. War Dragon have done a excellent job in painting these figures, which are available from Perry Miniatures and listed as the following packs; Napoleon and Staff part 1, Napoleon’s personal Staff and Support Staff. Thus I could not help but to have some images taken by Andrew and then place up on the net for everyone to see. I am very envious of Andrew and his collection, so please enjoy.



Mameluke Ali

Colonel Gourgaud


Hussar officer acting as ADC

Imperial Guard Adjutant-Commandant at a table writing orders




Ney leaning on table

Friday, February 25, 2011

Mark Fenlon Miniatures - Confederate Cavalry

The cavalry figures, both Confederate and Union, would have to be some of the nicest figures designed by Mark Fenlon. The horses I think are close to the best I have ever seen. Victor Perry, who now produces this great range, has designed a few more mounted figures to add a little more variation to your units. The new figures will include variations in the mounted command and new mounted Staff Officers for both sides. The cavalry shown have been painted and based by Brian Buskell.

Mark Fenlon Miniatures -ACW Artillery Crew in Kepi (Now Produced by Victor Perry )

The great range of Mark Fenlon Miniatures is about to hit the world gaming scene once again, with an old favourite ACW range, now produced by Victor Perry, who had recently purchased this great and popular range. The range will soon be available under a new title, but Victor does not have a webpage up and running as yet. However he is very keen to hear from anybody wishing to obtain the figures and can also send a catalogue when requested by dropping him an email on: . I am not sure of the prices for a pack, but a single figure will only set you back $2.00 Aust, which I think is every good. The range at present covers infantry (including Zouaves), cavalry and artillery. Victor however has been very busy making a number conversions for the infantry, new mounted command figures and dismounted officers. The new figures should be available in the next couple of months. I have included in this post the four figures available for the artillery in kepi, which have been painted by Brian Buskell. The range also has available artillery crew in hat.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Old Glory Miniatures 28mm Zouaves

The images I have posted are of two Old Glory Zouaves units I had painted many years ago. I sold them to a friend in Western Australia back in 1999, after my first marriage went into a spiral. They were since sold to the late Kevin Jowett, then onto Andrew Parr and finally after over ten years they are back into my collection. The units represented are the 5th New York and the 146th New York.

The First of My Iron Brigade Units Finally Based

Over the last two days I have been busy finally basing the three units of the Iron Brigade I had painted up whilst in America. I have based them as 24 figure units and a 12 figure skirmish unit. All on 50 x 40mm bases and three to six figures per base. I have not obtained the right flags for the brigade as yet, so I have photo copied the Perry Miniature flags from their play card supplied with the ACW plastic box sets. The boys had their first battle last night using Andrew Parr's Fortune & Glory rules for ACW and had a win against the Johnny Reds (Brian Buskell)...good start I think. Now only the command and another two battalions to paint in order to complete this famous brigade.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Back Home in Oz and My USA Tour has come to an End

After just over five months my trip to the United States has finally come to a close. I have to admit I did have a great time traveling the sites and training the US Marines but my high light would have to be my visit to Virginia, where my good friend Larry and his lovely wife Joan, who shared their house and showed me the numerous battlefields in the local area. Gettysburg and Antietam were incredibly moving. I would also like to thank all who contacted me and I regret that we never caught up for a game, roll of the dice or a was just to busy. But now that I am home I mean to up the gaming for the new year with lots of ACW and a little Napoleonic hardcore gaming.

Union guns at Gettysburg Center Ridge

Union graves at Gettysburg

Part of the Gettysburg Cinorama

The Virginian Memorial at Gettysburg

Joshua Tree National Park

Serria Mountains California

Hawthorn - Mountain Scout/Sniper course

Rail fences at Antietam

Memorial to the Irish Brigade at Antietam

A not so wild Buffalo

Myself and SSGT Andy Giermann - Marine Corps Birthday Ball 2010

Monday, February 14, 2011

Great News for Australian Gamers

Elite Miniatures Australia will soon be the exclusive distributor for the fantastic Architects of War terrain and figure range. The range should be available by mid March at the latest, as we are just waiting for the arrival of the first packages and will then have to work out the best prices for the Australian gamer. I am hoping to keep the sales cost close to those of the parent company, but that will depend on final cost of shipping and custom taxes. I am very grateful for Barb & Ernie, of Architects of War, for allowing me distribute the their great range in Australia and also to my good friend Larry for introducing me. In order to start it will take a short period of time to get the new webpage up and running so please if you are interested in the range follow the AoW link on my blog , drop me a line and I will endeavour to have your order in the post that day if not the following. I will also hope to attend as many conventions as I can.

The Battle of Hanover Court House - 1862

I only just recently received some images of a small ACW game Andrew Parr and Adam Burke played at the end of January. The game played was based around that of the Battle for the Hanover Court House in 1862, which was, the high water mark for General McClellan's Peninsular campaign. The scenario played was from the Guns of Gettysburg scenario books, however Andrew used the Fortune & Glory rules he has been working on for some time now. I am not sure quite how this game ended but it did look good. Figures are mainly Elite Miniatures and Old Glory.


Always smiling Adam Burke