Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sash & Saber Miniatures - Iron Brigade Skirmishers

My first figures for the year and painted in one day....a little bit of a miracle for me. The figures are from Sash & Sabers' great 28 mm ACW range, and the code US15 (Iron Brigade Skirmishing or firing line) plus three figures from the command pack. They are a great little figure and for me very easy to paint. I was not sure which range to order - either Old Glory or Sash & Saber. But after seeing Chris MacPhee's figures ( I decided to order from S&S and was very happy with the result. The great deal with S&S is that each pack comes with ten different figures or poses...well that is the case thus far with the Iron Brigade. So it is very easy to have a nicely posed unit. Next on the painting board will be the Union artillery crew. Enjoy


Firing line



rear shot


Josiah Martin said...

I like what you've done with them. Did you highlight the packs with blue?

Vinnie said...

Hey Josiah,
In regards to the packs I just dry brushed them. I only brought a limited amount of paints over with me so I have had to work with what I had.


Stokes Schwartz said...

Nice brushwork, especially on the faces and hands.

Best Regards,


Scott MacPhee said...

Looking good!

Vinnie said...

Thanks Scott,

Got my inspiration from you buddy

adam said...

One day - Great effort. I can see walking the battlefields has rubbed off on you.

Scott Pasha said...

Colors are spot on sir! Good to see when so many get the Union wrong (IMHO).