Monday, January 24, 2011

Elite Miniatures French Line - Painted by Victor Perry

I have just placed up some very nicely painted Elite Miniatures, which have been painted by a good friend of mine...Victor Perry. Victor has painted the figures for Andrew Parr who has since based them as a 36 fig Regiment of the 70th Ligne. There are also a couple of head conversions on the centre companies as that figure is only available in the one pose, which in turn has the head turned to the right.

Please enjoy Victors work.

Centre Company and Voltigeurs

In column

Some of the command/centre and Grenadier companies.


DeanM said...

Nice painting; they look great ranked up. Good to see companies that I'm not familiar with first-hand. Regards, Dean

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very nice looking unit for a less common range.


Glen Lomax said...

A great looking unit, I do like Elite miniatures they have a lot of movement in them, especially the campaign dress figures where the variety is pretty good.

Author said...

Very pretty figures, and an excellent paint job!

I do wonder, though... what is the commander looking at? A bird flying overhead? It makes me wonder what the sculptor was thinking about what doing the sculpt.

Vinnie said...

I have come to believe that the officer in question has his shako pulled on tight and is held firmly in place. Thus with the peak being so close to the top of the eyes he has to look up in order to see the movements of his flanking companies????