Friday, January 28, 2011

Sash & Saber Miniatures - My First Iron Brigade Battalion

I have just completed my first 24 figure unit for the Iron Brigade. I have to admit that coming over to the States and visiting the battlefields has inspired me greatly. It is also amazing how much time you have to paint when there are no distractions. The unit only took one week to complete..I think another record in painting for me and now I have another three to paint. The figures are all Sash & Saber Miniatures from their great ACW 28mm range, which have loads of character and are a joy to paint.

Please enjoy

The Command Stand

Each pack contains ten different figures and poses. All of which are shown above and below.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Calpe Miniatures - Prussian Dragoons

Leroy Simpson's latest commission was for this fine unit of Calpe Miniatures Prussian Dragoons painted for Jeff Smith. I will have to ask if he can send through a few more images as these ones do not do the figures or Leroy's painting justice.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Elite Miniatures French Line - Painted by Victor Perry

I have just placed up some very nicely painted Elite Miniatures, which have been painted by a good friend of mine...Victor Perry. Victor has painted the figures for Andrew Parr who has since based them as a 36 fig Regiment of the 70th Ligne. There are also a couple of head conversions on the centre companies as that figure is only available in the one pose, which in turn has the head turned to the right.

Please enjoy Victors work.

Centre Company and Voltigeurs

In column

Some of the command/centre and Grenadier companies.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sash & Saber Miniatures - Union Artillery Crew

I have just completed painting the next addition to the Iron Bde, an artillery battery, which is meant to represent that of Battery B - 4th US Artillery. A unit which fought with distinction along side that of the Iron Brigade. The battery also drew it's casualty replacements, after battle, from the Iron Brigade. I would of liked to duplicate this fact by doing a few head changes and replacing some of the kepis with hardie hats. But unfortunately I did not have the tools. Again the Sash & Saber figures are very nice and easy to paint and when ordered come with little or no flash. The pack (US3 - Federal Artillerists) contains all ten figures shown, which I will, after the 12pdr Napoleons are painted, place onto three bases in order to represent the six gun battery. Enjoy.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sash & Saber Miniatures - Iron Brigade Skirmishers

My first figures for the year and painted in one day....a little bit of a miracle for me. The figures are from Sash & Sabers' great 28 mm ACW range, and the code US15 (Iron Brigade Skirmishing or firing line) plus three figures from the command pack. They are a great little figure and for me very easy to paint. I was not sure which range to order - either Old Glory or Sash & Saber. But after seeing Chris MacPhee's figures ( I decided to order from S&S and was very happy with the result. The great deal with S&S is that each pack comes with ten different figures or poses...well that is the case thus far with the Iron Brigade. So it is very easy to have a nicely posed unit. Next on the painting board will be the Union artillery crew. Enjoy


Firing line



rear shot

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Market -1864 (2010)

The last battlefield myself and Larry visited, last November 2010, was that of Battlefield of New Market. The battle was fought on the 15 May 1864 and is famous for the involvement of the 257 cadets from the Virginia Military Institute (VMI). Ten of whom were to die on the battlefield. The battle was the start of the last major campaign to be fought in the Shenandoah Valley and also one of the last Confederate victories over Union forces in the area in which the Confederate forces under the command of one MajGen J.C. Breckinridge, who was once the Vice President of America, defeated the Union Army under the command of MajGen F. Sigel. The battlefield today is mainly focused on the area directly around the Bushong Farm and hill. The remainder of the field has be split by a major road and is not as well preserved as the farm and hill area.

The Bushong Farm main building.

Side view of the farm main house.

The fence at the rear of the northern end of the orchard. In this location the badly beaten Confederate troops rallied and fought off the Union counter attack. It was also the location of the start of the famous charge by the VMI cadets.

Looking south across "The Field of Lost Shoes" to the orchard and Bushong Farm from the Union position. The mowed area represents the charge and line of advance of which the VMI Cadets took in order to capture one of the Union guns on Bushong Hill.
This brass 12 pd Napoleon represents the position of the Union battery, charged by the VMI cadets.

Harper's Ferry

Harper's Ferry situated on the junctions of the great Potomac River and the Shenandoah. A town of great significance in American history. The town was once a great producer in the manufacture of firearms, John Brown was captured here, General Lee then Col Lee commanded the US Marines to capture John Brown and it was also a major town of importance during the American Civil War - changing hands many times. However my main interest was for the campaign of 1862 in which General Jackson forced the surrender of the town and captured over 12000 Union troops. Thanks to Larry - my tour guide and friend I was able to spend the most part of a day looking around the town and surrounding areas.

Downtown Harper's Ferry

Buildings on the main street into town.

The building in which John Brown and his men were finally held up in. The Marines stormed through the central door.

Looking north on the junction of the Potomac River (on the left) and the Shenandoah (on the right).

Again looking north from just above the old town. Maryland Heights are on the left and Loudon Heights on the right. Both positions were occupied by Confederate forces in September 1862.

One of the main churches of Harper's Ferry. It was said that during the war an English flag few from the top in order to prevent the Confederate hitting the church, which in turn was a hospital for the wounded.

Looking from close to the church down onto the main street.

A Union artillery battery is sighted at this position on Bolivar Heights looking out towards School House Ridge and the Confederate lines. Bolivar Heights were the main defensive position for the Union forces.

From Bolivar Heights looking East, where in the distance you can see a battery of four Confederate guns. The far guns represent the location of A.P. Hills flanking attack.

In hope of preventing the capture of Bolivar Heights a long line of trenches were dug along the crest. Those trenches are still there today and can be just made out to the left of the foot path were the autumn leaves have gathered in the depression.

Looking north from Bolivar Heights back over the town and the dominating heights of Maryland (left) and Loudon (right).

The Union battery on Bolivar Heights.

Monday, January 3, 2011

MOAB 2010 - "Just a little late - Three Months Late"

Sorry all for the lateness of this post...MOAB was held on the October long weekend, back in 2010 (I was not able to down load the images onto my computer until today). However the images are now up finally. MOAB or the Mother of All Battles in a great little convention held every year in Sydney. The convention caters for all gamers from Fantasy to Historical, from 15mm to 40mm, Demo games and competition games and many a retailer over the three days of the show. I normally have a little store selling Elite Miniatures, however this year I was unable due to my trip to the USA. But I did manage to slip in for the one day and catch up on the latest figures, rules and old friends.

The great Andrew Parr (A wargaming genius) - running his little bring and buy stand

A few of the regular trade stands

15mm Shako 2 demo game

15mm ACW demo game

Flames of War Competition

FOW comp was over 30 tables


28mm Fields of Glroy

There were some nicely painted 28mm armies in this comp even though the numbers were down. I think only 16 players.

Gary Coughlan hard at it in the FOG comp.