Friday, December 3, 2010

Visit to the 'Architects of War' 19 Nov 2010

On the last day of my stay in Virginia, my good friend Larry arranged for us to visit the home of Barb and Ernie Baker, who are also the owners of a great new little company call the 'Architects of War'. Barb and Ernie's company provide some of the finest gaming terrain on the market. They have also just started producing an equally fine range of American Civil War figures. The terrain is all 28mm and is designed to be equally useable in a number of American or European conflicts. Many of the products are built in a fine resin with the window fittings and doors produced in metal, thus allowing you either have doors open or closed. Also on many of the buildings the roofs can be removed, which is fantastic if you are playing a skirmish type game. Barb and Ernie also offer a small range of trees, fences and stone walls to add to their great little range. The complete range comes unpainted so a little work will have to be completed on your behalf. I could not help myself and luckily, on my way to the airport, thus I was restricted to what I could fit in my bag, however I did manage to spend $150 on the stone wall set, Larry on the other hand brought a little more. Many of the buildings and terrain that you see in the images provided above and below are from the 'Architects of War' range and were taken of the great display table Bard and Ernie have set up in there little shop, below their house. Also of note if you are living in Australia, Bard and Ernie are looking for an Australian distributor.

Just on the right of this image is the great cornfield AoW produce.

A section of the stone wall. They also have a variant which comes with a number of trees and will also be producing corner sections.

Many if not all the buildings are produced by AoW, including the little out house.

AoW also produce a range of prepared positions for your gun batteries which can be used for any black powder conflict through to WWII

The stone wall with logs on top is another product of AoW.

A nice little siege line and artillery set from AoW. This can be purchased either by sections or as a set piece.

One of their latest pieces a pig pen.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Beautiful terrain and miniatures. Thanks Nathan for the sharing the photos.


Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Excellent, excellent table, great buildings,great layout

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Absolutely outstanding is what comes to mind!


Yarik said...

Thanks for photos!

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