Monday, November 29, 2010

Gettysburg - Cemetery Ridge -18 November 2010

Some of the last images I took whilst on my tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield were of the Cemetery Ridge and the location of 'Picket's Charge'. We just managed to arrive before the sun went down and snapped the last images of the day. The image above was taken earlier in the afternoon from the position of the Confederate artillery line and just left of the present day Virginia Memorial on Seminary Ridge. The ridge line in the distance is Cemetery Ridge and the trees on the right of the image is the famous 'Copes of Trees' the next tree to the left is 'The Angle' and basically the 'High Water Mark' for the charge.

The 'Copes of Trees' in the centre of the Union lines on Cemetery Ridge.

Looking from the 'Copes of Trees' to 'The Angle'

This artillery piece, one of four, marks the position of 'High Water Mark' the most famous charge in American history. It is also near the position where Gen Armistead fell with a bullet in the arm and leg. Just 40 meters in front and to the right is the tree and memorial marking the position of 'The Angle'.

Don Troiani's 'High Water Mark'

The small memorial to Gen Lewis A. Armistead, sighted just in front of the battery pictured above.

'With the setting of the sun we will remember them'

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