Friday, November 26, 2010

Gettysburg - 18 November 2010 - The 1st Day

On my last day in Virginia we headed up to the battlefield of Gettysburg. Unfortunately the better images are on my camera, which I am unable to load onto the laptop, so the images I have placed up are ones from my iphone. When I do get a chance I will place the other ones up. Our first stop in Gettysburg was the fantastic museum they there. This would have to be one the best I have seen thus far. Each hall takes you for a journey through the years and days leading up to the battle. Then another gallery for each day and withdrawal of Lee's forces. There are an incredible amount of uniforms, paintings, weapons and short movies to look/listen and learn. However the greatest exhibit is the Battle of Gettysburg cyclorama. This painting was truly amazing, something I have never experienced before. Unfortunately the images I took were on the camera, but I will ensure the I will place them up on the blog as soon as I can. The above image is of myself (on the right) and Larry (on the left) with the great General Lee himself (re-enacter).

Myself and 'Old Abe' just out the front of the Museum.

The Lutheran Seminary today. It was the tower on top that Brig.Gen Buford looked for Union re-enforcementes and Maj.Gen Reynolds.

This is the monument for Maj.Gen Reynolds placed close to where he fell from a mimie ball to the back of the neck, whist urging the 2nd Wisconsin forward.

The Eternal Light Peace Memorial

Situated to the right of the Eternal Light Peace Memorial is a Confederate battery, which also marks the position of Ewell's flanking attack on the Union right flank, during the first day.
The famous Railway Cut where a number of Confederate soldiers were trapped and taken prisoner durning the final hours of the first day.

The Railway Cutting

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