Sunday, November 21, 2010

Antietam - 16 Nov 2010 'The Cornfield'

After reading Stephen Sears 'Landscape Turned Red' it was hard to draw myself away from the images and horror of what took place on this small patch of ground just over 148 years ago. Thousands of soldiers, on both sides, where killed, wounded or captured in an area covering no more then 30 acres. The above image was taken looking north towards the 'Cornfield' from Confederate position, possibly close to the left flank of Col M Douglass's Georgian Bde from Ewell's Division.

Looking back up to the eastern side of the 'Cornfield' the edge of which is the fence line just below the crest.

Don Troiani's painting of the 1st Texas advancing through the 'Cornfield'

Another view from the Confederate position looking North East across the'Cornfield' towards the direction of approach of Ricketts Div through the East Woods.


Bluewillow said...

nice view of the ground thanks mate


Kelly Armstrong said...

The antietam terrain is concealing, deceptively so since a lot of the concealment comes from frequent rises and falls of the open ground. Then throw in woods, cornfields, and sunken roads. Makes for frequent and nasty encounters.