Monday, November 22, 2010

Antietam - 16 Nov 2010 'The Bloody Lane'

The above image was taken from the viewing tower, just on the eastern extreme of the "Bloody Lane'. It looks west along the positions of D.H.Hill's Division which they called the quite sector... a few minutes later all was to change. The view does not allow for a true picture of the lay of the land. The lane was situated on the reverse side of a hill when looking out from the lane visibility was reduced to between 30 to 100 meters.

'A Confederate Soldiers view'.
This image was taken looking out from the Confederate line and hopefully will give a better view of how close the lines of battle were. This was probably the longest field of fire, with visibility out to roughly 100 meters.

All along this position were numerous regimental monuments to those who had fallen.

The day after the battle

And the day of my visit and roughly the same position.


Bluewillow said...

nice pictures thanks mate.

make sure you get some shot of older buildings so i can scratch build you some.


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

I think visiting the bloody lane is the 2nd most important ACW battlefield location to visit. The only thing more powerful is walking picket's charge - about half way to the Union lines where the Confederates reformed their ranks you can stand in the middle of that field and feel completely out of view of the entire Union position. From either end of the march you cannot even tell the hollow in the field exists.

Both are highly recommended visits.

Vinnie said...

I visited Gettysburg as well but due to time I was not able to do the walk of Picket's Charge...a little jealous and would of love to do the same. The images I took from there however I will hopefully place up shortly.

Matty - glad you liked the photos I did take a few of the buildings around most of the battlefields so will put them up when I can.

All the best