Friday, November 5, 2010

1:20 Scale Scratch Built Ork Warboss by Chris Hannam

During Leroy's recent visit to the local hobby shop, Fortress Games in Townsville, he discovered an absolutely brilliant 1:20 scale scratch built Ork Warboss. It is loosely based on Krash from the Inquisitor line although as you can see it has been sculpted with a basic Ork body. This in no way detracts from the spectacular effort for which the sculptor, Chris Hannam from Babinda, deservedly claimed Gold at the local IPMS modelling tournament as well as being the overwhelming winner for “Peoples choice”. Leroy found it quite difficult to get a photo which adequately show the amazing level of detail that has gone into this figure and you could quite easily spend a considerable amount of time looking it over and still find something new. At a hefty 5 kilograms it may be a “little” large for the gaming table but the phenomenal level of detail and brilliant paint job make it a worthy piece for Lonely Gamers.

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