Friday, October 1, 2010

Off to the USA for Five Months

Hi All,

I am off to the US for the next five months for work and might not be able to place any more posts up for that period. However if I can, I will, as I am planning on visiting a friend on the East Coast and going to 'Fall In' in October. Plus I plan on seeing many a ACW/AWI battlefield, somewhere in all my spare time. So until then please enjoy the posts I have displayed to date.




Anonymous said...

Good luck Vinnie and safe journey.

Looking forward to your post visit report.



Bradley said...

ive just discovered your blog and im quite liking it i kinda run my own wargaming blog with my mate

Vinnie said...

thanks helen did you make it to moab this year?
Bradley thanks for the comments and happy to hear you like the blog. I will have a look at your site soon.