Friday, October 8, 2010

Elite Miniatures Spanish

Just landed in the States only a few hours ago, brought a new laptop and thought I might try it out by placing up a post. The figures shown are from Elite Miniatures new range of Peninsular War Spanish. Peter has designed the range in 1805 regulation uniform and in the nice march attack pose. The range is still only small but will grow rapidly over the next few months to include a skirmish pack for the light infantry, militia in civilian dress, artillery and cavalry figures. The figures shown are just three of the different codes. First on the left is the musketeer march attack, followed by a grenadier and finally the light infantry figure. Figures have been painted and kindly donated for the blog by Victor Perry of Singleton Australia.


VolleyFireWargames said...

Hey Vinnie
Works great - arent these figures similar to the Connesuer range? To bad your not going to be near Atlanta - Georgia, But seeing you at Fall-in, would have been great, if it was in my budget this year.

Vinnie said...

Hey David,
Yes they sure do look at little similar to the Connoisseur. The reason is that Perter Morbey of Elite Miniatures was taught by the later Peter Gilder many, many years ago, hence the figures can fit in with each range quite well. I think both ranges are designed to give a nice looking wargaming figure without looking to toy soldier, if that makes any sense? Shame we could not catch up I was hoping I might bump into someone who read/looked at my blog. But never mind.

Thanks again


VolleyFireWargames said...

Hey Vinnie send me an email directly and who knows you said you were gonna be here 5 months right. Send me an email and lets chat.

Vinnie said...


Sounds great, our work load will be quite heavy but there should be some down time in there some where. My email address is