Monday, September 13, 2010

Sudan 1885 - Fortune & Glory

Last weekend myself, Andrew Parr, Tim Bell, Richard Bell and Victor Perry got dusty out in the Sudan. The game was we played was ruffly based on the Battle of Ginnis in fact it was so ruff that the only resemblance was the opposing sides and that it was the last time the British Army would were their beloved 'Red Coats' into battle. Rules played were that of Andrew Parr's Fortune & Glory Supplement for 'Other Wars'. This was the first time he had used the rules for the Sudan and they seemed to flow quite well, however a few little changes were made through out the game. The figures displayed were once from Scott Robertson's great collection (he is soon to re-build another) and are now residing in my collection. Scott painted about 90% of the figures you see and had done a fantastic the Sudan period...don't why but it has an attraction I can not explain??? Anyway going back to Andrew's rules the games was played with about 1000pts per side with the objectives being the three water well/oasis placed along the centre line of the battlefield. Each sides objective was to control at least two of the wells. For the British all went well and we carved up great holes in the Mahdi's battle lines. However in the second last turn our flank was turned when to units of camels appeared on our undefended rear. Two companies of my British Red Coats were killed to the last man. Maybe next time I will have my revenge??

A 7pdr screw guns deploys early in the battle blasting great wholes in the Dervish's lines

The only Cavalry squadron - 19th Hussars

Ah those lovely red coats

And such smart lines....should of been in square!!!

Tough Hadendowah warriors made up 1/3 of the army

Hamitic Arabs made up the remaining 2/3 of the army.

Like grains in the sand they just keep on coming........

The Dervish horde

Holed your fire boys until you see the whits of the eyes......
Ansar riflemen..not very good shot but over a period of time they will thin your ranks.

One of three water wells/oasis we were to fight over.

Early in the game I dismounted my Hussars and formed a skirmish line.

Cast-a-way Arts Ansar

Ah my Navel Brigade unfortunately I brought these guys on a little too late in the battle. However they did manage to mow down a desperate cavalry charge by some Dervishers.

Re-enforcements at last...but were only able to stem the Mahdi advance in the centre.. the flanks were soon to be lost.

This Egyptian detachment fought surprising well. The fought off on attack then were forced back themselves. Only to recover and defeat more attacks on the crumbling left flank.

Not a good image to see at the rear of your formation and coming out of the dust were quite a surprise to the two British Companies on my left flank.

Charged twice in the front and later in the rear... they fought bravely but died to the man.

Caught in the rear it was a massacre.

After the left fell so too did my guns caught in the flank they had no hope. Sorry my Queen I have failed you........


DeanM said...

Whoah! Impressive game - tons of great-looking figures! Wow. Dean

adeptgamer said...

Very impressive battle pictures! I am so jealous.

James said...

Excellent looking table and armies! The Major General would be pleased I think.

Big Jim said...

Fantastic looking game! I really miss gaming the Sudan.

What manufacture are the redcoat British.


Vinnie said...


the british are all blacktree design and are from their zulu range

BigRedBat said...

Cor; luvverly armies!

Bluewillow said...

cracking photos mate, looking forward to our game next week!


Vinnie said...

It was only thanks to Scott Robertson and his williness to sell the figures that has allowed me to game in such a grand manner...thanks Scott.

Matty next Thursday a game it will be Old friend.

Noel said...

What a great looking game, the Sudan hass always a been a big favourite of mine.