Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Rise of the Mahdi - Old Glory Dervish Charging Cavalry

I only just finished basing these guys the other day. However they have been painted for some time...just get a little side tracked sometimes as I'm sure we all do. The figures are from Old Glory's great little Sudan range and are meant to represent the many legions of cavalry the Mahdi and is successor had at their disposal. Andrew Parr painted the figures for me in order to finish the army I had purchased from Scott Robertson, last year. Andrew however only parsley completed the bases so last week I finished them off by re-painting the bases and placing on the grass. The flags were another touch I painted and placed on this it was Fathers Day.
So hopefully this coming weekend these guys will see the dust rise charge on home against the British infidels.....

Old Glory sell these guys ten figures a bag. I have two units of ten now completed.

Andrew painted them as with a white undercoat, flesh and a little brown followed by Army Painter. Simple but effective when painting fast.

The bags contain no standard bearer so I just painted the flags and placed them on the


Neil said...

Nicely done! I used to wargame the Sudan in 15mm; I might have to give 28mm a go.

Vinnie said... have to give it a go 28mm is a great scale and the Sudan is a fantasic period

Bluewillow said...

nice job Nathan,

I am lookng forward to loking at these and maybe a game in two weeks!

Vinnie said...

Sounds good Matt..looking forward to catching up buddy