Saturday, August 28, 2010

Spanish Musician Stand for Fortune & Glory

This great little vignette has been painted by a good friend of mine, Victor Perry, who is also a very keen gamer and sculptor. Victor has painted the band members as Musicians from the Spanish Regiment Princesa in the 1808 uniform and the officer has been painted as from the Regiment Irlanda. Victor used the uniform guides from the Uniforms of the Peninsular War - Blandford Colour Series, which has a great selection of Spanish uniforms. The figures have been based and painted for my Spanish Army and for when I use Andrew Parr's rules "Fortune & Glory". In the rules, if you have a few extra points left over, you are allowed to purchase from a whole list of Special Assets. One of those special assets is Musicians or a Band. With either attached the army will gain and extra +1" to simple and complex moves for all formed units. Handy if you are the attacker and want to take objectives they look good on the tabletop for a bit of eye candy.


Docsmith said...

They look superb Vinnie - as you say, great eye-candy on the tabletop. Its good to be able to incorporate such tasty decorative pieces into the rules when gaming.


Vinnie said...

Thanks Doc it sure is.Sometimes I think they make the game.


VolleyFireWargames said...

Hey Vinnie Can you possibly take a couple of shot from rear back angles I have some of these to paint as well and can always use others folks work to help me paint them.

Vinnie said...

Sure no worries I wil take a few more shots today for you.

Giles said...

Great idea and a lovely vignette!

Best wishes


leroy said...

Great work Victor, looking good and your painting just keeps getting better and better!

Anonymous said...

Very nicely painted,