Sunday, August 29, 2010

Re-Based Swiss Elite Miniatures

I got these boys from Leroy just before I left Townsville last year. They were first two separate units, however Andrew has re-based them for me into the fitting into the rest of my Armies for this period. The figures are Elite Miniatures from the 1812 series and are a great little range.


The Belgian, said...

They look ace! I love to see nicely painted miniatures en masse.

Do you paint the miniatures yourself? Because all of your done battles involve hundreds of miniatures and look so epic!

Vinnie said...

No only the majority of the Spanish were painted by me. All the Frech have been painted by Dragon Painting Studios in Hong Kong. I will I had the time to paint that many. Just the Spanish has taken me nearly six years to complete.

christot said...

They are cracking figures in that Elite march attack range, I only have 3 units and wish I had more

Bluewillow said...

nice Vinnie, mate I will be through in three weeks I will give you a call


Vinnie said...


Only three units of French March Attack? But you have loads and loads of Elite on your website

Vinnie said...

Sounds good Matty, I catch you when soon then old buddy.