Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Last of My Front Rank Spanish Infantry - The Swiss Regiment

Well it has only taken me since 2004, when I first started the Spanish project, till now to finish the Infantry. But in between that I have also re-based this army twice from 16 figure battalions to 32 figure units. The last battalion you see now was painted by Leroy Simpson two weeks ago. I was very lucky to have this unit arrive from Leroy the afternoon before we played the Battle of Tamames 1809. So they were based up that night and flocked the next morning. And that is why I have not painted the eyes as yet...bit slack. However I ask Leroy to paint them up as one of the Swiss Battalions serving in the Spanish Army at the time. My Spanish Army now comprises of 11 battalions of 32 infantry, one light battalion in skirmish order, two batteries of artillery and four squadrons of cavalry. I only have a few my squadrons of cavalry to finish and some mounted officers and the Army will be finally complete.....Thanks Leroy.

Grenadier Company

Command base and musketeers.

Rear ofthe Grenadiers bearskins

The Swiss in thier second battle of te weekend - Fortune & Glory.