Thursday, July 1, 2010

Elite Miniatures - Vistula Legion Lancers

I have posted and intend to post a few more images of the Elite Miniatures range of Napoleonic figures Leroy has painted for me over the last couple of years. To be honest I supply the figures for Peter Morbey here in Australia and have never fully managed to get these figures up on my web page. Victor Perry has kindly taken the images for me, so I can now fully display some of the Elite ranges you may not have already seen. The first post is of the Vistula Legion Lancers, the only code missing is that of the Elite Company. Also for the troopers there are two different variants. Hope you enjoy the images.
VLC6 Lancer Officer

VLC7 Lancer Trumpter

VLC3 Lancer with cruched lance

VLC2 Lancer with lance up

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