Thursday, July 1, 2010

Elite Miniatures - Napoleons' Portuguese Legion

Now this is a unit you never see on a table top game. Not sure why as they fought in the 1809 campaign against Austria, in the 1812 campaign in Russia and then in many of the battles of the 1813 campaigns and proved to be excellent fighters. To be honest I have never sold any of this range either but now Victor and some of the other boys have seen them they are keen to paint up a battalion or two. The only figures missing from this range is that of the cavalry..maybe with a bit up sweet talking Peter may finish the range in due course??? All figures are in the march attack pose.

The Portuguese Command from left to right PL5 Officer, PL7 Standard Bearer and PL6 Drummer.

PL5 Officer

PL6 Drummer

Outside figures are the PL3&4 Flank coy. Two inside figures are PL1&2 Centre coy.

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adlernest said...

Has this unit been finished do you have a army of these guys you could share pictures of?
Looking to start a Legion myself and found this blog
Cheers Gordon in NH USA