Friday, July 2, 2010

Elite Miniatures - British Light Cavalry

These are the last two images I have for Elite Miniatures they represent the British Light Cavalry for the early years of the Peninsular War. The first is the trooper for the Light Dragoons and the second a trooper from the Hussars. There are only three figures for each of the Light Dragoons and Hussars. They are of the trooper (pictured), officer and trumpeter. Peter has however designed figures to cover the later period. Anyway I hope you have enjoyed the mass of images I have placed up on the blog, in the last two days, and sorry for it all being from Elite Miniatures.

British Light Dragoon trooper.

British Hussar trooper.

Elite Miniatures - Line Dragoon and Old Guard Cavalry

Pictured are a few images from the French Cavalry range. Unfortunately I have only had Leroy paint the standard trooper figure and not the rest of the figures available. However within most of the French ranges Peter has designed the basic trooper figure plus Elite Coy figures to go with the line cavalry. But within the Guard codes he has only designed the one trooper figure and three figures for the command.

French Line Dragoon.

Old Guard Grenadier a Cheval

Old Guard Chasseur a Cheval

Elite Miniatures - Dutch-Belgian Militia 1815

The Dutch-Belgian Militia is the smallest range Elite Miniatures produces. It only contains three different figures for the fusiliers and four figures for the command. This is a shame as there are some great uniforms and units contained in this Army for the period. It would be nice to see Peter expand a little on them. Again the figures have been painted by Leroy Simpson and photographed by Victor Perry.

The mounted officer.

The command - Officer, Standard Bearer and Drummer.

The three fusilier figures - two with shako and the third wears a soft cloth hat.

The fusilier in the cloth hat.

Two different packs - one looks French and the other supplied by the British.

Elite Miniatures - Nassau

Elite Miniatures Nassau another nice little range designed by Peter Morbey. It is not a large range and contains only the figures pictured above. For fusilier, flank coy and grenadiers there are two variants. For the command on one variant for each code. The figures themselves can be used right up to 1815.

Mounted officer

Command - Standard Bearer, Officer and Drummer

The Standard Bearer

Closer look at the drummer.

Left to right - flank coy, fusiliers and grenadier.

The other two variants for the flank coy and grenadier.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Elite Miniatures - Napoleons' Portuguese Legion

Now this is a unit you never see on a table top game. Not sure why as they fought in the 1809 campaign against Austria, in the 1812 campaign in Russia and then in many of the battles of the 1813 campaigns and proved to be excellent fighters. To be honest I have never sold any of this range either but now Victor and some of the other boys have seen them they are keen to paint up a battalion or two. The only figures missing from this range is that of the cavalry..maybe with a bit up sweet talking Peter may finish the range in due course??? All figures are in the march attack pose.

The Portuguese Command from left to right PL5 Officer, PL7 Standard Bearer and PL6 Drummer.

PL5 Officer

PL6 Drummer

Outside figures are the PL3&4 Flank coy. Two inside figures are PL1&2 Centre coy.

Elite Miniatures - Vistula Legion Infantry

This is a great little range of figures designed by Peter and again Leroy has painted them for me. Peter has designed the flank and centre companies to have 2/3 different variants for each code. However the command are as you see them. All figures are in the march attacked pose.

VLC1 Mounted Officer

The command from left to right VL4 Drummer, VL3 Officer & VL5 Standard Bearer.

The outside figures are VL2 Flank coy and the the centre figures are VL1 Fusilier coy.

Elite Miniatures - Vistula Legion Lancers

I have posted and intend to post a few more images of the Elite Miniatures range of Napoleonic figures Leroy has painted for me over the last couple of years. To be honest I supply the figures for Peter Morbey here in Australia and have never fully managed to get these figures up on my web page. Victor Perry has kindly taken the images for me, so I can now fully display some of the Elite ranges you may not have already seen. The first post is of the Vistula Legion Lancers, the only code missing is that of the Elite Company. Also for the troopers there are two different variants. Hope you enjoy the images.
VLC6 Lancer Officer

VLC7 Lancer Trumpter

VLC3 Lancer with cruched lance

VLC2 Lancer with lance up