Friday, June 18, 2010

Calpe Miniatures - Prussian Ulans

Another of Leroy Simpson's' latest painted commission. Leroy has painted these fantastic Calpe Miniatures as the Brandenburg (3rd) Uhlan Regiment 1813 and they have been based for either Shako2 or Fortune & Glory or again for any small unit based gaming system.

Enjoy - hope to have move images soon.


Docsmith said...

I love the Calpe figures - one of the best ranges of Prussians out there IMO. IF I were collecting a Prussian army I would certainly choose this manufacturer. As usual - nice work from Leroy.


Vinnie said...


I would have to agree, I think they are very well made and the Saxons are fantastic as well....good old Leroy. Not sure how much painting heis going to do soon as his wife is expecting.

RazorOne223 said...

Very nice! I have never seen Calpe minis until now, they appear to have very nice details. I do not think that they are available in the states so I will probably never see any up close, but again they are nice.


Vinnie said...

Hey Razor,

You should be ableto buy the figures direct from the UK. It would be worth the purchase if you are painting with 28mm Prussians. Also had a look at you site. Some great stuff there.


RazorOne223 said...

Thanks for the compliments, I would buy them from the UK but I would get murdered on the exchange rate. Maybe someday. I have a tone of French and British 28mm stuff that I will get around to painting someday soon, when done with those I will look into Prussians.

Hypaspist Kid said...

This is just a wonderful job. I'm 15 and very new to miniature painting and you guys just inspire me everyday. If you have the time to look at my blog, i'd greatly appreciate some tips or comments, thanks.


Vinnie said...

Hey Aaron,

Thanks for the comments. I have tried to look at your blog however it has not come up..sorry.



DeanM said...

Beautiful painting on marvelous figures. If I were to need Prussians or Saxons, I know I'll have Calpe as a resource. Regards, Dean

Lickwars Men said...

hey sorry mr.vinnie,

its aaron again, i have the blog up and i would like to know you and leroys pro opinion, Thanks !


leroy said...

Hey Aaron, checked out the blog and impressive work, especially the shields! Do you do any washes?

Lickwars Men said...

Nope, just out of the bottle. I use a pencil to draw the design and then I paint over it... What is a wash anyway?

Vinnie said...


Had a look at your blog as well mate. Some fantastic work there for someone of your age and have some hidden telant there I think.

Well done


Lickwars Men said...

That means alot ! Thank you very much