Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Front Rank Spanish - Walloon Guard

Here is my latest edition to my Napoleonic Spanish Army. The images have now been replaced with some I took this morning..they are a little better then the ones last night..I hope? The figures are from the great Front Rank Miniatures range in the 1805 uniform and have been painted by my good friend Leroy.."God bless his cotton socks". Leroy has only one more battalion to paint for me and that will be a Spanish Swiss battalion. The flag how ever for these guys is just the standard Spanish flag. I have sent a few emails to GMB on the possibility of doing the Walloon and Swiss battalions but as yet have not had a response.
The Command Stand


Grenadiers front

And back.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Calpe Miniatures - Prussian Ulans

Another of Leroy Simpson's' latest painted commission. Leroy has painted these fantastic Calpe Miniatures as the Brandenburg (3rd) Uhlan Regiment 1813 and they have been based for either Shako2 or Fortune & Glory or again for any small unit based gaming system.

Enjoy - hope to have move images soon.