Saturday, April 10, 2010

From Warhammer Ancients to Armati

Just placed up a few images Andrew Parr sent through. The figure were from my old collection before I passed them on the Andrew, as they had not been use for a few years. They were part of a larger Army, which I had sold to Matty Williamson but for some reason I keep these. Andrew has since re-based them from WAB to Armati and they have again been sold to another player. The figures are a mix of Old Glory, A&A Miniatures and Gripping Beast and have been painted by either myself, Andrew Parr and Leroy Simpson, plus I think one unit of Infantry once belonged to Carlo in Perth. These figures sure have been around. I am not sure how the Armati rules play, but I would be keen to now.

This is the unit that once belonged to Carlo. Leroy painted them and are the Gripping Beast Shield Wall. Archer ton the rear were painted by Andrew Parr and are from Old Glory.

Another of the Gripping Beast shield wall painted by Leroy Simpson.

Old Glory archers.

Gripping Beast Cataphracts, painted by Andrew and myself.

A&A Miniatures Cataphracts, painted by Andrew.

Gripping Beast Light Cavalry, painted by myself.

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