Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Black Power Napoleonics - Saturdays Game

Just placed up a host of images from Saturdays game. I will follow up shortly with the battle report. So until then please enjoy the game.


The orders for attack are quickly dispactched from the French command post.

My birthday present from Scott Robertson was this fantastic Spanish church...cheers mate.

Perry Miniatures plastic British line painted by DPS and re based by Andrew Parr.

Scots Grey's - Wargames Foundry

More Perry British.

French Legere columns advance with skirmishers deployed out in front.

The thin red line.

Eagle view of the battlefield. French columns advance towards the British and Spanish lines.

The French deploy from line to column.

Steady boys.......

Here they come.

French Dragoons charge the guns.

The full action across the table.

After the French Cavalry has gone the French Infantry resume their advance.

Perry Miniatures French in metal.

Both lines meet and exchange volleys.

French Cuirassiers wait in reserve for the command to advance.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Wonderful spectacle!


Allan and Carmen said...

I'm speechless.

What an impressive looking game.

christot said...

Great looking game. Proper Napoleonics!!