Monday, April 19, 2010

A Big Weekend of Black Powder Napoleonics

During the weekend, just past, we at the Lonely Gamers Club managed to play two great games of Napoleonic Black Powder. On the first day myself and Andrew Parr through out all the Napoleonic figures we could muster. Eight battalions of Spanish, four battalions of British, 12 battalions of French, four batteries of guns and 12 small regiments of cavalry. All infantry battalions we 30 figures plus and the cavalry eight to 18 figures strong. We also had a number of people turn up for the first day who included Tim and Richard Bell, Victor Perry and Peter Power. All had an enjoy able game (I hope?). Andrew was also very kind to supply the French and British figures, all of which were painted by Dragon Painting Service, but re-based by Andrew. The Spanish were from my collection. Anyway just though I might just throw a few shots I took from the games. I will place the other images from each day of gaming up shortly.


Half way through the battle on the first day.

Perry French advance in line towards Perry British

One of the two Swiss battalions. Perry Plastic by DPS.
And Perry Plastic British again painted by DPS.

The second day of gaming was only a small battle. Four British battalions and cavalry did battle against four French battalions and cavalry.


Allan and Carmen said...

What did you think of the Black Powder Rules for Napoleonic Wargaming?

Did you play any house rules or change the movement system (where you can move three times in a turn?)



Chris said...

Absolutely Stunning

Paul Liddle said...

What a brilliant looking game, the terrain looks just right and the armies look terrific.

I bet it was e real pleasure to play this game.

As Allan and Carmen say above it would be very interesting to know how the rules played.



Vinnie said...

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the comments. I will place up some more images soon. The Black Powder rules work well I thought. We did not use any house rules as we thought it would be better to know the rules before changing the system. In regards to moving three times in a turn - it is already in the rules and works very well by allowing for a little fog of war. Overall we were pleased with them and the way the game ran. However I think the rules actually work a little better for a colonial game -like our last Sudan game. But saying that I encourage anyone who has picked up the rules to give them a run.