Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Black Powder Napoleonics - Sundays Game

A few images from Sundays game, which was only a small battle of four Infantry battalions, two gun batteries and two cavalry units per side. I played the British and Andrew the French. Time was short for us hence the small battle. However for Black Powder it seemed to work better then the big game the day before..don't know why...maybe we just had a better understanding of the rules?

Perry french plastics, painted by DPS.

Perry British Plastic painted by DPS.

Perry Dutch Belgium artillery battery again painted by DPS.

Two Swiss Regiments fielded by Andrew were his best troops.

The French formation, in front of the English line, is what Black Powder call a mixed formation. It has two stands out the front to show the deployment of skirmishers. This proved to be a very handy formation. It took the shock of the first fire rule of the English away. In other words a wasted shot. When playing the French keep it in mind.

The Swiss in front is again in the mixed formation.

The rear French battalion forms square as a possible attacked from the right flank by a squadron of Scots Greys is threatening.

Four rounds of hand to hand fighting passed before my troops entered this village. Even with skirmishers the only defenders it proved hard to take. However with supported flanks and rear the story might have been different...I only attacked with the one battalion.

In the end my line held and I manage to take the village.

Victorious at last.

Black Power Napoleonics - Saturdays Game

Just placed up a host of images from Saturdays game. I will follow up shortly with the battle report. So until then please enjoy the game.


The orders for attack are quickly dispactched from the French command post.

My birthday present from Scott Robertson was this fantastic Spanish church...cheers mate.

Perry Miniatures plastic British line painted by DPS and re based by Andrew Parr.

Scots Grey's - Wargames Foundry

More Perry British.

French Legere columns advance with skirmishers deployed out in front.

The thin red line.

Eagle view of the battlefield. French columns advance towards the British and Spanish lines.

The French deploy from line to column.

Steady boys.......

Here they come.

French Dragoons charge the guns.

The full action across the table.

After the French Cavalry has gone the French Infantry resume their advance.

Perry Miniatures French in metal.

Both lines meet and exchange volleys.

French Cuirassiers wait in reserve for the command to advance.

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Big Weekend of Black Powder Napoleonics

During the weekend, just past, we at the Lonely Gamers Club managed to play two great games of Napoleonic Black Powder. On the first day myself and Andrew Parr through out all the Napoleonic figures we could muster. Eight battalions of Spanish, four battalions of British, 12 battalions of French, four batteries of guns and 12 small regiments of cavalry. All infantry battalions we 30 figures plus and the cavalry eight to 18 figures strong. We also had a number of people turn up for the first day who included Tim and Richard Bell, Victor Perry and Peter Power. All had an enjoy able game (I hope?). Andrew was also very kind to supply the French and British figures, all of which were painted by Dragon Painting Service, but re-based by Andrew. The Spanish were from my collection. Anyway just though I might just throw a few shots I took from the games. I will place the other images from each day of gaming up shortly.


Half way through the battle on the first day.

Perry French advance in line towards Perry British

One of the two Swiss battalions. Perry Plastic by DPS.
And Perry Plastic British again painted by DPS.

The second day of gaming was only a small battle. Four British battalions and cavalry did battle against four French battalions and cavalry.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

From Warhammer Ancients to Armati

Just placed up a few images Andrew Parr sent through. The figure were from my old collection before I passed them on the Andrew, as they had not been use for a few years. They were part of a larger Army, which I had sold to Matty Williamson but for some reason I keep these. Andrew has since re-based them from WAB to Armati and they have again been sold to another player. The figures are a mix of Old Glory, A&A Miniatures and Gripping Beast and have been painted by either myself, Andrew Parr and Leroy Simpson, plus I think one unit of Infantry once belonged to Carlo in Perth. These figures sure have been around. I am not sure how the Armati rules play, but I would be keen to now.

This is the unit that once belonged to Carlo. Leroy painted them and are the Gripping Beast Shield Wall. Archer ton the rear were painted by Andrew Parr and are from Old Glory.

Another of the Gripping Beast shield wall painted by Leroy Simpson.

Old Glory archers.

Gripping Beast Cataphracts, painted by Andrew and myself.

A&A Miniatures Cataphracts, painted by Andrew.

Gripping Beast Light Cavalry, painted by myself.