Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Singleton Gaming to Come

Over the two days of this weekend Myself and Andrew Parr (pictured above) smashed out three great little games. On Saturday it was Big Battalions - Fortune & Glory - Andrews own rule set and played using the set up from 'A Tabletop Teaser' scenario page 40 'The Wargamers' Annual. The next two games, one on Saturday afternoon and the other on Sunday morning were both set in the Sudan - 1884/5 and using the Black Powder' rule set. But more on these games by the end of the week.


Perry French advance from the Spanish and prepare to engage the Spanish battalion to their front.
A view towards the Spanish right, from the French centre.
A British Brigade steady advances in square as they near suspected Mahdist positions.

Their numbers were like the grains of sand in the desert.

Hmm... this looks familiar?


Paul Liddle said...

Some top class looking games these are I reckon,I look forward to your game reports.

Allan and Carmen said...

I will be interested to hear what you thought of the black powder game. I am guessing you used it for the Sudan game?

I am still reading my way through the fortune & glory rules but like them so far.

Unfortunately I have been busy with Uni and family.

I have heard good things about Lasalle rules though.

Happy Gaming


Docsmith said...

Nice eye-candy with beautifully painted figures, great terrain scenery and table. Good to hear you're doing Black Powder games - just about to attempt an Indian Mutiny game up here in Canberra so very interested in how you guys went with the Sudan game there and what you thought of it for Colonial games in general.


Vinnie said...

Doc, Allen and Paul,

Thanks for the comments. I intend to have the other images from the weekend games up this week.

Black Powder worked a treat and is great for colonial gaming. Andrew went through the rules while we played the first game and by the second we both had a very good understanding of system to play a enjoyable game.