Sunday, March 21, 2010

Flames of War in Singleton NSW

OK Lonely Gamers are back from the dead. Sorry all..... I had a little brain fart a few days ago to delete the blog. I though it might give me a little more time with the family. Then I got withdrawal symptoms and had to re-activate the site. So for the first post of this month I have put together a few images of the games the guys from Singleton NSW have been playing, while I was away for three years. All of the games played have centered on a WWII theme, with the majority being the very popular 15mm Flames of War. Most of the collection you will see are from Craig Windibacks' FoW armies.


Panzer MkIV painted by Craig Windibank.

The Panthers are also of Craig's collection. Craig is a master with the airbrush and has I think done a fantastic job on these boys.

An old shot of Micheal Edwards, from Pin Point Painting, pondering over a set of FoW rules.

Panther up in smoke......

Look out here they come!!

And straight into these little beauties.


BigLee said...

Fantastic Pictures... I feel all inspired!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Wow!Great looking battlefield!


Allan and Carmen said...

I am glad you brought your blog back online. I missed the pretty pics, battle reports and stories. Mostly because I get little time to game or paint at the moment.

Happy Gaming!


Vinnie said...

Boys I say the same thing about your blogs.....they inspire me