Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fortune & Glory - Andrew Parr's Napoleonic Rule Set

OK be prepared to get some quick playing Napoleonics into you. During the last few weeks I have been having the pleasure of staying at Andrew Parr's place.....and during that time we have been play testing the latest version of Andrew's 'Fortune & Glory' rules. As I have mentioned before in other posts Andrew has been mastering a great set of quick play Napoleonic rules. The game, as you can see from the images above and below, has been designed to play on your kitchen table and you only require four or five units of infantry, a couple of regiments of cavalry and a battery of guns to get you started. The general concept is that you have units made up of four bases a piece and artillery of two guns. The number of figures and size of the bases is not a problem as long as the opposition is based much the same. So if you have the massive 32/36 figure battalions you should still be able to have a game. But maybe on a 6x4ft table. The set up of the game starts with the choosing of Armies followed by the placing of terrain and rolling for the scenario. Once all of that is done the army character is chosen. Then in to the game you go. Each game only really lasts for 2 hours and with each game a result is achieved without too much trouble. I don't think it will be much longer before Andrew puts in the final tweaking of the rules and then hopefully they will be ready to go out to the world. But if you need a copy of the latest update drop me an email.

The dinning room table makes for the perfect battleground.

With the Army General leading Spanish troops push forward to take a village from the French.

The attack goes in. Figures are Elite Miniatures painted by Andrew as Spanish.

From another angle'

Elite Miniatures French, painted as Italians.

Elite Miniatures again, this time painted up as Swiss (Leroy Simpson's painting).

Same unit.

A battery of guns with a caisson behind. This is an extra you can purchases for your Army. It gives you a re-roll once through out the game then is removed.

Second game for the night. This time French Vs Austrian.

I smashed Andrew in this game and beat him 12-0.


adam said...

They are veterans those Austrians, I won a comp with them.

Phil B said...

Fast Naps rules - sounds intriguing. We've used POW and can get 5-6 bounds in of an evening but usually 3-4 hours leaves nothing resolved.

2 games in a night! Unheard of!

Allan and Carmen said...

That is the first game of Napoleonics that look like even I could paint up an Army and play!

I am tired of looking at rules that seem to favour a 12' by 5' table. I also do not want to paint up 450 (each side) miniatures just to have a game at entry level.

Count me in! I may have a found a way to use those new plastic sets after all :)

Vinnie said...

Hey guys,

Thansk for the comments. Allan I have just sent you off a copy of the latest version of the rules. Hope you like them. Adam - good to hear from you. We will have to catch up again soon. I have just re-based my Spanish for the big battalion games and Andrew is going to do the same. Maybe a boys weekend in the Hunter Valley wargaming might be on the cards?


mikeoldlag said...

Hi there. Just found your blog today and would be very interested in trying a new set of rules. We usually use the old Barry Edwards set for ~20mm Napoleonics but even with just 6-8 units per side it takes 4-6 hours for a complete Peninsular game to unfold.

Vinnie said...

Hey Mikeoldlad,

Sure love to send a copy off to you. Just send me an email and I will send you a set off.


Crazy Joe said...

The time factor is very important to me as it's at a premium. Six by four is the norm although I have an eight by five board, but I can't get into the garage to use it!

So, a view of the rules would be very useful, especially as I've got a craving to move back up from 15mil.